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My name is Shai. It is pronounced like Shay, Shea, rain, pain, may, bay, Kay.. long A sound... etc... The r&b group pronounces it as the Asian culture would pronounce Thai, Kai, etc.. Either way is acceptable but I would start off saying Shai as, Shay, or Shea... if you are referring to a person... P.s. I know more females with the name "Shay" than male counterparts which are usually named "Shea". The females that go by "Shay" are usually, but not always, using it as a nickname or a shortening of their real name. People with the true name of just Shai, however, are very few and far in between. In all my years, I've never met another Shai. I do love my name and am proud that I am so unique. Which in itself, truly is a "gift".
Shaishai  10/18/2015
The only person I have ever met who has this name pronounces it like Shea (shey).
PandoraPandora  7/21/2010
Pronounced "shy".
Emilie007  8/4/2008
Pronounced shy / shie.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006

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