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I don't know why no one has written a comment for the name Shantelle, it is such a beautiful name. One of my closest friends, who I consider a little sister, has this name. I've always thought she had an awesome and wonderful name. Any girl would be blessed to have this name.
ManyNames510  6/26/2009
It seems kind of traileresque.
keepitreal  1/8/2011
This is my sisters name and I really like it. I think it sounds very pretty and angelic but grown up at the same time.
MissMagical  12/30/2012
My sister's name is Shantelle and she hates it when people spell it Chantelle.
If you want to name your child this (I love the name ) then you want to look at the teasing side eg. Shan't Tell (as in won't tell), or Shanigans Baganigins.
I LOVE the name though.
What M_E  8/4/2016

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