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Shea is often pronounced "Shay".
Eirena  3/27/2005
I love the name Shea. I prefer this spelling with its Irish roots. With the name sounding so soft and feminine I would use it for a girl, not a boy. The names Shaelee, Shaelyn and Shayla are pretty too.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2006
The New York Mets play at Shea Stadium.
Juls  9/4/2006
Shea for a girl appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1980's. Its most popular year was the 1990's where it ranked 744. Shea for a boy appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1970's. Its most popular year was the 1980's where it ranked 648.
― Anonymous User  9/25/2006
This was the nickname I was given by my friends when I was little and trust me a lot of things rhyme with Shea! I love it but I don't think it is practical for a first name because kids are mean to each other.
stuckonstupid  10/5/2006
I adore the name Shea (pronouced SHAY in Ireland). I prefer it on a girl, as it sounds strong, lovely and is unexpected.
Link  11/8/2006
My French teacher's first name is Shea. She said that it was hard growing up, because sometimes she would be placed on the boys sports teams. I would rather use this name as a middle name for a child.
bobcat_explorer  12/19/2006
I do not really like this name only because it reminds me of cocoa shea butter lotion.
― Anonymous User  12/29/2006
Who cares if it reminds you of shea butter coconut lotion? It's nice a lotion anyway. It's pretty much saying I don't like Rose because it reminds me of Rose oil.
Koolgal  4/8/2007
I like it. My friend's sister's nickname is Shea, short for Shannon.
xKatiex  1/22/2007
Shea's the name of the guy in the book "The Sword of Shannara" by Terry Brooks.
― Anonymous User  2/17/2007
It sounds kinda cool on a boy, and for a girl it's soft and beautiful.
7up  3/26/2007
I think this is a beautiful, strong, feminine name.
gracielou16  6/11/2007
I think Shea is a beautiful name. It's diffrent. I don't know more than 1 person who is named Shea. It's cool!
― Anonymous User  8/19/2007
I like this name a lot, for both genders. But, I don't like this spelling for a boy, it looks too much like "she."
jasmineenimsaj  2/19/2008
I like this name on either a girl or a boy, it sounds so soft.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2008
This is absolutely NOT a girls' name to my eyes or ears. I think it would sound horribly simple, dull and unfeminine on a girl, but I love it for a boy. :) Where I live, it's definitely seen as a boy's name and I think most people would find it a little odd on a girl.
vindemiatrix  6/7/2008
I wasn't even aware that this name was spelled this way until I met my current love on World of Warcraft (geeky, I know). His name is short, simple, and sweet- just like him.
Hoshi-ul-Verse  12/30/2008
I know a girl, her name is Tara Shea and I love it on her! I don't think of Shea as a guy's name but then again I have never met a dude named Shea.I'll bet you can find a TON of double names with the middle name Shea!
baileymarissa  6/1/2009
To me it sounds more like a boys name but looks like a girls name. I was going to use this name for my baby but was considering Shay for a spelling but she turned out to be a girl in the end.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2009
This is my brother's middle name, and this is what we call him because his first name (David) is so common. No one ever forgets his name, and they know who you're talking about right away. We like it a lot!
rivalschools13  10/11/2009
I like it a lot for both a guy and a girl!
Chrila96  8/31/2010
I think this is a beautiful name, but only for a girl. I think it sounds a bit too feminine for a guy.
GirlWithN0Name  2/3/2011
I like this, but it seems much more like a feminine name than a masculine name to me.
Joy12  4/22/2011
Shea means "the stately, dauntless one". It is a common surname in Ireland.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2012
I know a very cute guy named Shea. I think it's a very good, non-generic name.
felltheblackwolf  11/1/2012
I used to not like it, but every Shea I know is nice.
SEC908  12/26/2012
The name Shea was given to 170 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
Shea, also spelled Shae, means 'Fairy Palace'. It's my middle name, and compliments my first name. Too bad people only call me by my first name. Blegh.
SeventhSage7  8/14/2013
It's an Irish last name, from one of the original 12 tribes of Ireland. It means the hawk, later derived to mean Hawk-like or noble. It does not in any derivation mean "Fairy Palace" and if used as a first name (rarely traditionally) it is for a male. Somewhere between when I was born in the 80's and the late 90's it got converted into an American girl's first name.
JackSHEA  12/28/2013
I'm sorry to say if someone meant to name you for that meaning, Fairy Palace, they'd have to name you Sheila or Shayla, both Derivations of Sheelagh

It's also ironic because the literal translation for the word would be "Blind".
JackSHEA  12/28/2013
Shea was given to 206 baby girls and 106 baby boys in the USA in 2014.
lilolaf  2/13/2016
Looks like She, Shera. Ends on A. Sounds better on girls.
Eileen1209864  5/12/2016
My name is Shea, and I am a girl. I was born in the late 80's. I am Irish. But how I pronounce my name is Sheea. And it's supposed to have a line over the second E. But I do not spell it that way. I spell it like Shea. And yes, everyone does pronounce it as shay. But I do like my name. It's different and I'm a unique person.
oldsoul  6/14/2016
The name Shea was given to 189 girls and 96 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
My name is Ryan Shea and I've seen both used for girl names. I like it though and would not change it.
My first name is Shea, and I am pretty damn masculine. I am a big American guy, born in the south in the 1970s, with some Scottish & Irish lineage (among many others). I have never met any females with this spelling (though I do know a lady with the spelling Shay... she was a nice kid growing up). I know of 2 guys with the Shea spelling (one cool the other I did not really know). I like my name (and so does my wife)... it is unique, it is short, it is easy to know when people are talking to me, as nobody else in the room ever has the name. There were very few kids teasing my name growing up, and the few times it did happen, it let me know who was not a friend and who to stay away from. If you like the name and want to consider it for your own child, do it. Worrying about some punk kids teasing your son for his name is no reason not to name him Shea. Kids can figure out creative ways to tease others no matter what their name is. The only frustration I would get sometimes growing up (which I find humorous now) is that many people have no idea of how to pronounce Shea when reading it (school, doctor's appointments, etc.). You would be amazed at how many different pronunciations I have gotten from seemingly intelligent people over the years. "Shee-uh", "Shay-a", "Shee" (really?) "Shah", "Sha-nay-nay" (just kidding), "Che" (by my Cubano friends' parents). I've heard them all. Hey, at least I know who is trying to sell me something when I answer a phone call from an unfamiliar number. I find it hilarious now.
Judas_Maccabeus  9/21/2016
My fiance and I just 2 weeks ago welcomed our beautiful SheaLynn in to the world! We call her Shea for short, and it is completely perfect for our majestic, noble, fairy place dwelling beauty! ❤❤❤❤.
― Anonymous User  1/22/2018

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