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Well, yeah my name is Shonda.
As far as the meanings, I agree with them all. I remember when Shonda's meaning was: graceful gift of God; stone. It is Gaelic/ ol' Irish.
Sick  5/29/2018
Shonda Rhimes is a hugely successful television producer and screenwriter, creating 'Grey's Anatomy' (2005-present), 'Private Practice' (2007-2013), and 'Scandal' (2012-present), as well as producing 'How to Get Away with Murder' (2015-present), among others.
waterunderthebridge  7/2/2017
What does the name "Shonda" mean

You are spiritually intense and can sting or charm. Your name brings love and new starts into life and attracts money. In business, you are the creator and promoter of original ideas and usually enjoy considerable financial success. You are frank, methodical and believe in law, system and order.
You are very intuitive. You have a reservoir of inspired wisdom combined with inherited analytical ability, which could reward you through expressions of spiritual leadership, business analysis, marketing, artistic visions, and scientific research. Operating on spiritual side of your individuality can bring you to the great heights, and drop you off if you neglect your spiritual identity. You are always looking for an opportunity to investigate the unknown, to use and show your mental abilities, to find the purpose and meaning of life. You want to grow wise and to understand people and things. You need privacy to replenish your energy. You have a unique way of thinking, intuitive, reflective, absorbing.
sky0973  6/6/2017
Like I posted above a few years ago, the Yiddish meaning puts me off to this name. Shonda is even worse when rendered as Shanda, which is the Hebrew word for shame, and it would indeed be a shame to be named Shonda or Shanda.
bananarama  1/11/2011
Your ignorance precedes you. My name is Shonda and I most definitely am not ghetto. Learn the meaning of a word before you try to use it. Ghetto: a quarter of a city in which members of a minority group live especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure.
Nurse1  2/16/2017
Shonda derives as a modern spelling variation of Chanda, a Sanskrit name, and is an epithet for the great goddess, Durga. It means "fiery, hot, or passionate."

I also wanted to clarify some information regarding what a previous poster wrote about the name. Shonda is not the Hebrew word for "shame." The correct phrase is "a shanda fur die goyim" or "a shame before nations" which is used as a colloquialism to describe shameful behavior performed by Jewish persons in front of non-Jews. While the name Shonda and the Yiddish "shanda" term are technically homophones, both their spellings and origins are unrelated to one another.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2015
This is also a Yiddish word meaning "shame".
bananarama  7/28/2008
This is one ugly name, and it sounds trashy as well.
slight night shiver  5/7/2008
Shonda Rhimes is a famous bearer of this name. She's the creator of the hugely popular TV series Grey's Anatomy.
Skittsie13  7/4/2007
I read that Shonda came from Sanskrit from the root word Chanda. I read Shonda meant great goddess.
Bllvllbss  7/24/2005

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