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Diminutives of this would be Shani, Shoshie, (or Shoshi) or Shana.
Shoshana is also a different spelling of this name, not simply a newer version, as the name itself hasn’t changed, only the English spelling.

One of the people I know with this name was named after a relative named Rose.
dontcallmeshay  6/2/2019
This would give teachers a hard time.
kayisforkeen  10/1/2018
Another variant spelling of this name is Shoshona.
― Anonymous User  3/11/2017
Shoshannah, also known as Shani, is the name of the female protagonist in my novel. I wanted a name that had a pretty and elegant meaning to balance Shoshannah's vibrant personality. I've been working on my novel for nearly 6 years and she is definitely a Shoshannah and a Shani (meaning scarlet in Hebrew). I can't see my little redhead being known by any other name!
IAmAl  12/31/2015
Shoshannah is often associated with either the rose or the lily, and sometimes just with flowers in general. Either way, it's a beautiful name.
rhiannonlouise  2/26/2012
I first heard this name in the movie Inglourious Basterds-- Shosanna (yes, different spelling) Dreyfus. It's such a gorgeous name.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2011
I love this name. It would be pretty for a first or middle name. It has a really sweet sound to it. And, I have heard that it means 'rose' in Hebrew, which is my middle name, which is how I first found out about the name.
NoOrdinaryLove  2/2/2010
It sounds like Susannah said by someone with a speech impediment.
Hannah Ruth  11/8/2008
My mother's name is Shoshannah, but spelled Shoshana. I love the name, but hate the stereotype that every female American-Jew is named Shoshannah. Jon Stewart has got to stop that joke, it's just really getting old. Anyway, I love the name. And from what I know, it means "rose" in Hebrew.
― Anonymous User  2/29/2008
A famous bearer is actress Shoshannah Stern ("Jericho", "Weeds", "Threat Matrix").
Karcoolka  3/23/2007
Shoshannah is a very pretty name. I just might name my daughter this.
LibbyBeth  3/6/2007
Pronounced shoh-shah-nah.
Miss Claire  7/30/2006

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