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Sian is actually spelt "Siân"-- that is, using an A with a 'roof' over it (I can't remember the proper name for that, sorry). This is because that particular A, in Welsh, makes the vowel long; the pronunciation isn't 'SHAN', but more at 'SHAHN' (though in an American accent of course, this would pretty much just sound the same as Sean). [noted -ed]
-- Anonymous User  3/21/2005
The circumflex is known as a 'to bach' in Welsh, this translates as 'little roof'. This lengthens the vowel sound to 'ar'. I think it would be better phonetically written as 'Sharn'.

In France people often think you're saying that your name is John as there pronunciation of John is similar to Siân. And a lot of people think it's an Irish boys name rather than a Welsh girls name.
-- sixtyfoothigh  7/18/2005
There is a girl I know who pronounces her name like SYE-ANN.
-- Anonymous User  12/4/2006
I hate when people pronounce it See-ann Sigh-ann! My mom's guide to teaching Americans to pronounce my name when I was little was always "It sounds like 'sha na na' not like 'fawn'"

It took a fair amount of explaining since "Shawna" was a very popular name when I was a kid.
-- Siani  1/8/2007
Something to bear in mind if you are thinking of calling your daughter Siân - they will have to put up with people mispronouncing it all the time (unless they live in Wales that is!). I'm forever having my name pronounced Sye-Anne or See-Anne, or worse still Sean (Shawn).

But I agree with what someone else has written on here - it's nice to have a name that is still fairly unusual and it is often a conversation starter (albeit, if only to correct people on their pronunciation of it or to tell them no, it's not Irish or French!).
-- sian jenkins  7/2/2007
I read through all of this and I still don't know how to pronounce it. I thought it was just like "Sean". Now I'm confused?
-- StinkweedMcGilicutty  8/15/2007
Pronounced SHAAN - it's one syllable. Also, the ^ circumflex is essential in Wales, or you end up with SHAN.
-- Sforzando  11/15/2007
I'm British and my mum's name is pronounced an odd way (sea-anne). It all comes down to when her mum saw somebody pronounce Sian Phillips' name that way on the TV and thought it was some unique, fashionable name. Grandmas can be strange like that.
-- lhuekleleo  6/24/2013
I had a friend whose family was of Welsh descent, and this was her middle name as well as her mother's first name. (Neither of them spelled it with the accent, though.) Anyway, they pronounced it like 'Shan', rhyming with 'van'.

But there was a teacher at a school of mine who was Welsh-American, and she was also named Siân; however, she would tell everyone to pronounce it like 'Sean'.
-- KatieFisCosetteF  8/17/2013

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