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The IPA of this name is something like: zi:glɪndə. Basically, ZEE-glin (like 'i' in linda) duh (e as in the second 'e' in 'relEvant".)
mememan28  1/18/2018
My name is Sieglinde and I grew up pronouncing it SeeGlenDay.
Sfleenor  8/23/2015
Pronounced Seeg-lin-de.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2009
Pronounced zee-GLIND-uh. I'm not quite sure which syllable the emphasis falls on, but that is the correct pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2008
This name, in modern German, would probably sound simething like [zi:glində], though, were someone to use this name in English, it would probably be pronounced [siglɪnd], as this appears to be its pronunciation at first glance.
Bastien Rosier  3/4/2008

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