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Gender Masculine
Scripts Σίμων(Ancient Greek)

Meaning & History

Derived from Greek σιμός (simos) meaning "flat-nosed". In Greek mythology this was the name of one of the Telchines, demigods who were the original inhabitants of Rhodes.

Related Names

Same SpellingŠimon, Simón, Simon (1)
User SubmissionSímon
Czech Republic: December 22 (as Šimon)
France: October 23
Germany: October 28
Hungary: January 5
Hungary: October 28
Slovakia: October 30 (as Šimon)
Sweden: October 28


Sources & References

  1. Lexicon of Greek Personal Names, available from https://www.lgpn.ox.ac.uk/publications/vol1/vol1_names/v1ms_u.html.
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