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Siobhan should be pronounced "Shevaughn", not "See-o-barn" like the spelling suggests.
-- Anonymous User  2/20/2005
My personal impression of this name was previously one of hate. I thought the name sounded horrible - especially because of the ending. Vawn. How awful, I used to think.
This is because my name is Siobhan. Now, I think it is... different. More individual. It leaves a certain air of surprise. There will unlikely be more than 3 Siobhans in one room at one time.
-- bubblybabe518  2/20/2005
I truely love this name. It is full of depth and mystery. My name is Siobhan, and it so happens that my best friend Jane has the Hebrew version of my name.
-- Anonymous User  3/4/2005
The meaning of 'Siobhan' can either be "full of charm" or "God has been gracious".
-- Anonymous User  3/4/2005
I live in the States and I’m wondering if it is a faux pas or incorrect to name my daughter Siobhan and pronounce it Sah-bhon. I love the spelling and the look of "Siobhan", but I do not prefer the Sha-vawn pronunciation.
-- belle0313  4/5/2005
Siobhan is a very special name. We know because we are closely acquainted with a woman who once was a man. And long ago, far before the operation, (then)he changed her name to Siobhan. In fact some of you may know her from either her many appearances on the Howard Stern show, or from her music and abduction experiences.
-- Anonymous User  4/6/2005
The name Siobhán is lovely! The name "Joan" is quite plain for me and Siobhán really makes this dull, run-of-the-mill name beautiful. Unless I'm mistaken, the Irish Gaelic language puts the stress on the first syllable, so it might be "SHIV-awn"... and I've heard contradictory pronunciation, so it could even be pronounced "SHOO-wahn".
-- gaelruadh19  4/28/2005
I had a classmate named Siobhan in high school, and that's how I first heard the name. I've always thought it's very pretty.
-- Phoenix Flower  10/1/2005
I have always loved the name Siobhan. It is my name after all, however I do get annoyed when it is mispronounced such as Sio-barn. But I have always found it to be name which people loved, so why shouldn't I love it back?
-- Anonymous User  10/19/2005
In R.A Salvatore's "The Crimson Shadow Trilogy", Siobhan was a half-elven slave/thief and she won the heart of the main character Luthien a young Lord of Bedwyr.
-- Arowen Half-Elven  12/21/2005
Siobhan is my name but I haven't enjoyed having it at all. I'm from New Zealand and for some reason, people pronounced it 'Shivaan'. I'm not keen on the pronounication 'Shivawn' either. When I lived in South America they pronounced is 'Jovan' which was the nicest I've ever heard.
Anyway, nowadays I shorten it to Shai. Of course this name has a completely different meaning and origin to Siobhan, but it's a little easier to pronounce and to write.
Has anyone ever shortened Siobhan? I'm not sure it's even possible!
-- Twisted Wiskers  1/13/2006
Siobhan Fallon is an American actress. She appeared on Saturday Night Live from 1991 to 1992, and also appeared on Seinfeld.
-- Anonymous User  1/23/2006
When I had my daughter 20 years ago, I wasn't sure of the spelling, so I created my own -- Chivvon, pronounced the same way as Siobhan. I wished I knew what the correct spelling was when I named her. I think it is a beautiful name no matter how you spell it.
-- Anonymous User  1/31/2006
My sister's name is Siobhan. When I was little I found it hard to pronounce her name so I called her "Orn" for short and it's always stuck, all these years on. I almost never call her Siobhan. I do know that she used to be called "Sho" by some of her friends. Just to point out we pronounce it "Sha-vawn". I did know another person called this name but she spelt it "Shavaughn", this could have possibly been because she was from South Africa, I'm not sure, either that or her parents spelt it differently. Does anyone know if it is actually a different version of the name? I am Irish so do know quite a few Siobhans, but the name is quite rare in England. Although on the increase as it is such a lovely and completely original name.
-- xxxamazingxxx  2/11/2006
Siobhan means 'kind friend' in Hebrew.
-- Anonymous User  4/29/2006
I think Siobhan is a nice name but I like the pronunciation SEE-Oh-Va-HAN, it sounds mystical, mythical and very pretty.
-- Anonymous User  4/29/2006
Definitely not SEE-Oh-Va-HAN.
-- Clodagh  10/27/2007
My sister's named Siobhan. Our mother is Irish, and we've always pronounced it the Irish way - Shi-von rather than the plummy sounding Shi-vaughn. Her pet name has been Shivvy since we lived in Denmark as kids and our Danish friends struggled with the weird Gaelic name!
-- becsug  5/20/2006
I thought Siobhan meant 'spirit woman'. Ie: Sio (pronounced 'shee') = spirit, bhan or bhean (pronounced 'vahn') = woman. Turn it around and you have Banshee. Thus, Sullivan might mean 'Suli's woman' or a priestess of the goddess of hot springs, Sul. The ancient Roman's name for Bath, England was 'Aquae Suli' or Suli's Waters.
-- Lisa Lindsay  7/13/2006
Siobhán is a Gaelicisation of Jehane, the Norman French version of Joan. It has nothing at all to do with the words shee and bhan or bhean. Likewise Sullivan has nothing to do with Sul or Sulis. It comes from Suil Abhain meaning one eye.
-- Speranza  3/24/2008
Siobhan Donaghy is former member the British girls´ group Sugababes.
-- Maggie_Simpson  7/29/2006
Siobhan is a great Celtic name. Too bad it's been raped, bastardized, and turned into a ghetto name, e.g. "ShaVon".
-- Midgard666  10/9/2006
Siobhan is my middle name, and I think it is really cool. I know an Irishman who calls me by it, and he stresses the last syllable. I have also heard that it can be pronounced like someone else has said SHOO - when. I like it both ways.
-- neverland4962  12/3/2006
I love how this name sounds like it could fit many different personalities. Siobhan looks really cool, too. The only problem is that there seems to be so many pronunciations I'm not sure which one to use now.
-- scarletquillraven  12/27/2006
My roomate is named Shavon. Her mother spelled it like that on purpose so people would be able to pronounce it, but everyone still calls her Sharon.
-- iampoe2003  1/12/2007
I know a girl called Siobhan who shortens her name to Shaunie. I'm not really all that fussed on this name, though.
-- Anonymous User  2/5/2007
I was born in Ireland and my name is Caoimhe Siobhan (Keeva Shivaughn). My mother's middle name is Siobhan as is my sister Naomh's and my daughter Isobel's. It's a family name going up through my great-great-great-great grandmother as a middle name. I think the spelling looks mildly masculine but I love the name and the sound of it. It flows so well with everything.
-- Anonymous User  6/12/2007
I personally hate Irish names, especially this one. I can't understand how this name is so beautiful to people. But if people like it, then they can name their child this.
-- Anonymous User  6/16/2007
You can't just not like names just because they're Irish. It's okay if you don't like SOME Irish names, but people with pretty Irish names like Caitlin or Brianna can get offended. Anyways, I'm glad I have your permission to use this name.
-- Anonymous User  7/6/2007
My cousin's name is Siobhan, we call her Vonnie for short. I think it's cute!
-- Anonymous User  6/30/2007
I was given the name Siobhan, and growing up with it's hard for a child but kids grow to like it. I thought I was the only Siobhan to be called Vonnie, and I pronounce it Shavon.
The funny thing of it is that my mother and sister share their middle name while I don't, but the name, different spellings and all is derived from my first name.
-- oOoVonnieBabyoOo  7/13/2007
Siobhan is the name of 80's pop star Boy George's little sister, who is his personal assistant.
-- Viktoriya  10/20/2007
Irish form of Joan meaning "God is gracious."
-- Anonymous User  2/26/2008
My sister has the spelling Shivahn. See the key "Many speakers pronounce AH and AW the same" but ah is softer. Pronounced shi-VAHN. I like it because it keeps the h. Some mispronounce it like a Chiffon dress/pie i.e. shi-FAHN. My kids call her Aunt Vahn.
-- slainte4904  6/26/2008
My sister's name is Siobhan. Personally, I'm jealous of it. Siobhan is an absolutely gorgeous name. She recently shortened it (BY LAW!) to Seven, which personally I think was stupid.
-- Anonymous User  8/28/2008
Siobhán McKenna, Irish actress.
-- Kosta  4/10/2009
I used to know a Siobhan when I was younger, pronounced the usual, Irish way. Everyone called her Sivvy, which I thought was a cute nickname. :)
-- vindemiatrix  3/28/2010
Siobhan Magnus of American Idol Season 10 - Placed 6th Place Due to a Facebook Mix-Up. We all knew she should've won!
-- sddorme  5/11/2010
This name is so beautiful! I love it!
-- Chrila96  10/28/2010
I love this name. I prefer it so much to Chevonne.
-- Dawson  12/4/2010
Really nice name. It could be a good pairing with the name Saoirse, like Saoirse Siobhan. Lovely!
-- BTM  8/26/2011
Siobhan Doxey is Miss Montana Teen USA 2011. Beautiful girl with a very lovely name.
-- --allison--  10/4/2011
I picked this to be my Confirmation name! I love St. Joan of Arc, but I was never too wild over the name. When I found out that Siobhan means Joan in Irish, I was really excited! Also, I am Irish, so it makes it even more special for me.
-- BTM  12/3/2011
I really do not like this name. It is often mispronounced, hard to spell, and just too strange. The "sha-von" pronunciation sounds very urban and ghetto-ish. I should know. I am UNFORTUNATELY named Siobhan. It is not at all feminine sounding.
-- Anonymous User  1/9/2012
For whatever reason, I automatically pronounce it shuh-BON, even though it's incorrect. It feels weird to pronounce it correctly. I suppose it's just my own interpretation.
-- C-Ticket  1/17/2012
The spelling really appeals to me. As does the sound and meaning. It's beautiful and confident, and along with Ean, one of the only two forms of John that I actually like. The fact that it's Irish is just an added bonus, since Ireland has most of the coolest names, spellings and pronunciations I have ever seen.
-- Sabella Authoress  10/23/2012
Siobhan is very beautiful and mysterious!
-- Eretria  11/21/2012
I wouldn't name my child Siobhan, but I still think it's a really interesting and cool name. Someone with the same Siobhan is naturally intriguing to me. I think the downside to this name, however, it that a lot of people would automatically think it was pronounced "see-OB-hawn" or something far from how it's really pronounced.
I think the name Siobhan makes me think of an artistic, slightly mean, intriguing, and sharp person.
-- avengingangelx3  6/17/2013
This was my mom's name and is my sister's middle name. My grandmother was Irish and the name and variations of it have been in the family for generations. I always loved this name and if I have a girl I plan to either use this or the Russian variation of Zhanna.

My mom used the nickname Sibble.
-- Kimbo_anna  1/18/2014
My name is Siobhan. Growing up in the Caribbean I could not understand how my name is the way it's spelt but pronounced Shevorn. It's only when I moved to the uk I finally understood. I do love my name as it's different.
-- Anonymous User  8/10/2014
I prefer Siobhgay to Siobhan tbh.
-- Anonymous User  8/31/2014
My name is Siobhan. I didn't like my name growing up but I like it now. And, I get a lot of positive feedback on my name too. When young I was called "Shivvy" at school. In High School I was called Chevy. At work, friends jokingly call me Shovey. There is an old Irish phrase for this name - Siobhan yer knickers yer muther's callin' ye. I also love the Irish name Mairead (my favourite name of all) and Saoirse. I think Irish names are just beautiful. My dad used to jokingly call me Shove-off. It's a fun name.
-- Anonymous User  9/1/2014
Why 'Siobhán' isn't here? I mean it's the accurate spelling of it. [noted -ed]
-- Anonymous User  9/7/2014
Has anyone ever heard Siobhan pronounced as Si-Bhon? Just checking if its OK to pronounce it this way instead of Si-Vaughn.
-- Caz01  10/1/2014

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