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They're normally not called Sissinnguaq anymore. An abbreivated form is Singua for girls, and Sissinn or Singuaq for boys. After all: who would want to be called Sissinguaq? This was originally for both of the genders. So imagine boy and girl conversing with the same name!
Tohru  6/18/2006
When I first saw this, I saw "Sissingauo". Personally, I like that much better and even took that as a name for a character. However, I would not name a child this.
avalah  11/27/2006
Pronounced si-SIN-goo-ahq. The Greenlandic q represents a sound not found in English or other European languages. It's sort of like a k, but very far back in the throat using almost a glottal stop.
cait  7/27/2007

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