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My name is Skye and I'm a female. I love my name even though it is confusing for people when they read my name and mistake me for a boy, or when I have to constantly remind people to put the E on the end of my name. I'm 16 and when I was born it was much more unusual than it is today. I love how it comes from the Old English for "scholar" which comes from the latin "scholaris". I'm thrilled that I was born with this name and hope that it doesn't get too much more popular because it is a wonderful thing to be born with such an unusual name.
SkyeA  4/1/2005
Skye is a very beautiful name.
Greeneyed Porcelain  5/14/2005
A famous bearer is singer Skye Sweetnam.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2005
I think the name Skye is cool. One reason is because that is my name. But it wasn't used that much when I was born, and now it is becoming really popular. I guess I'm sad and happy that it is being used more. Sad becuse I don't feel that special, but happy that maybe soon it will be in baby books and I'll know what my name means. I guess I just have mixed emotions. Oh well.
Moonlight  11/25/2005
A very pretty name. I like the uniqueness of it. Definitely for me it is a girls name whether it has an "e" on the end of it or not. Makes a great middle name too.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
This is my son's middle name and I find it very calm and serene. It works beautifully for either gender.
Kitten  5/17/2006
I love the name Skye, I hope to use this one day for a future daughter, maybe Skye Louise. :)
mum2bubba  6/11/2006
I like Skye. At the moment I have chosen this as a middle name for a future daughter.
love_names  10/17/2006
Skye is the character off Neighbors, played by the growing musician, Stephanie Macintosh.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2006
I really like the name Skye a lot. I'd probably use it as a middle name.
septsweetie99  11/16/2006
This name is not very creative and it sounds so cheap! That's right, cheap!
Taydbug112  12/18/2006
Skye is MY name. To be honest, I wish I had something more feminine and flowing, even though everybody loves it and claims that it isn't unisex because only a gay dude would be named Skye. Nobody ever forgets me, that's for sure.

It's definitely not cheap as somebody here said (that would be something like Fanny or something two-named like Bambi-Lou or something), who, I'd like to point out, is named TAYLOR, which has always been near the top of my retarded names list.
VeryGorgeous  1/14/2007
I disagree 100% with the "gay dude" comment. This is my son's middle name and he is all boy for sure and has some gorgeous sky blue eyes at that. I think "earthy", mythology, & "word" names are very hot & cold. People either love or hate them, hardly ever in between.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2007
Ok, I'm offended at what these users are saying about gay men. To the person 1 comment above me, I'd like to say that all gay men are NOT weird people with feminine names. That's a stereotype, and it's horrendous that you think according to stereotypes. To the person above me, how does being gay make you less of a man?

P. S. Skye is an ok name.
Brenda-Licious  2/4/2007
I never said Skye was a "gay dude" name; I was quoting what other people have said to me when I complained that my name wasn't feminine enough; I am an avid feminist and I want a name that lets people know automatically that I am a woman. My brother is gay and I prefer women to men, so don't even try to pull the "hate" card on me.
VeryGorgeous  2/27/2007
My name is Skye, and I haven't ever met anyone else with the name, male or female. I don't think it is a 'gay' name for a guy, how can a name be 'gay'? I think it would be a lovely middle name for a boy, although I wouldn't choose it for a first name.
Skye x  2/5/2007
Skye was probably derived from the name SKY and has been modified to sound more modern. However I like the spelling SKY better.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2007
I like the name Skye. I like both spellings; Sky and Skye. It works for both genders, though I would probably use it for a girl.
Twix  6/13/2007
Skye as a boy's name, is very unfortunate. It's a girly name (no offense). I agree with Taydbug112. It does sound cheap.
― Anonymous User  11/17/2007
I prefer this spelling to Sky, as it just looks so concrete, so literal, and this one looks more like a name, if you get my drift. Kind of like Raine looks better than Rain. I think this name is far better for females, even though the name Skylar sounds strictly masculine to me nowadays. It's a pretty name, but it's sort of cliché as a middle name by now, and I REALLY think people should stop combining this name with names like Heaven Lee, Misty, Summer, September, and other names that make the combo mean something in the very language that people in the country and the area where the poor person has to live and struggle for credibility, speak, that is, English. I say, use this as a first name, or combine the name with another name with a hyphen.
slight night shiver  5/7/2008
I absolutley love the name Skye. My eldest daughter is called Skye and really likes it too. No one else in our area has it. Every one comments one what a lovely unusual name it is.
mollymoo  5/12/2008
In the Harvest Moon DS versions, this is the name of a handsome, smooth-talking thief, who warns and hints to his victims when he comes.

His name fits him, and I think this would be a wonderful boy's first name. Skye give the essance of a handsome, cunning boy with light hair and eyes.
KohakuRiver  7/8/2008
The commenter above referencing the smooth male character on Nintendo DS is correct. Skye is also the name of Marlon Brando's character Skye Masterson from Guys & Dolls, the male character from popular radio show The Sky King, and the handsome lead male character from the famous Broadway Musical Mamma Mia! Every male I've met named Skye was indeed light haired, light eyed, strikingly handsome, smooth, charming, and quite magnanimous in presence (and yes very masculine, but wow smooth). Skye as a boy's name is a great boy's name. Never met a girl named Skye but if you want a cool handsome son, name him Skye!
Rise08  5/12/2014
Skye is my middle name. My first name is Ariel, and I think Ariel Skye is a very pretty combination. I come from a pilot family, and so my name makes sense, especially when you think how similar Ariel is to aerial.
― Anonymous User  8/20/2008
American-Slovak actress Skye McCole Bartušiák, born 28 September 1992, Houston, Texas.
Emilie007  9/26/2008
It's pretty (with this spelling ONLY), but I'd only use it on the right person, like a girl who's slender and fair. On someone else, say, a fat, hairy woman, I'd recommend changing it.
bananarama  10/7/2008
I prefer this spelling to 'Sky.' It looks more complete to me.
DeeDee153  10/29/2008
I have a friend who plans to use this name. Honestly, I'm not too fond of it. It seems cute for a young girl, but a grown woman, maybe not so. However, it's definitely quirky and unforgettable. I think it makes a better middle name than forename, but each to their own. It's quite common at the moment, but I've never actually met anyone with this name and its popularity will eventually fall. It's not my favourite name, but there's definitely worse.
themightyatom  12/22/2008
This is another soap opera name, Skye Quartermaine (Robin Christopher) on General Hospital.
faye  1/25/2009
I adore this name, and I think it works better for females, although males could have it for a middle name. I would like to call my daughter Skye, if I so had one.
DarkSunshine  3/2/2009
I really dislike this name. It sounds weird. Just like the names: Princess, Precious, Summer etc. Horrible.
SkullRose  4/28/2009
Skye Sweetnam sings the theme song for the Disney show, 'The Buzz on Maggie'. Skye Nakaiye is a character from the show, 'The Puzzle Place'.
LittleMissWeekender  5/3/2009
I like the name itself but here is a cute variation I came up with: Skyeana (pronounced sky-AH-na).
kool_babe14  5/7/2009
This is my first name and I love it! Yes, I got all the SkyTV etc. nonsense as a child, but I have always been proud to have an unusual name. I like the spelling, I think it sounds more like a name than Sky, although I like that spelling too. I have only ever met one other person called this, and she spelt it Sky. Personally, I think it is better as a girls name, but that is only because I never really thought of it for a boy. As a boy's middle name it might be alright.
...Skye...  5/30/2009
It's funny that both Sky and Skye are listed solely as girl names, because the Sky/Skye(s) I've known, they're male! So, personally, I prefer this name on a boy--and I don't think it's a weak name in the least.
erb816  7/25/2009
I hated this name and thought it sounded annoying and faddish at first, but over time I really grew to like it (but only with this spelling). It could only work on a girl/woman with a certain physical appearance and personality, though; this is one of those names that not just anyone could pull off past early childhood.
Anyechka  8/20/2009
I don't mind this after the Isle of Skye, but it seems to me that it's basically "Sky" with a dollop of girlyness. While Sky might not seem that hideously juvenile on a person, Skye seems to be a hurricane of rainbow pony giggles. Skye might be a decent middle name, but it seems oddly butchered. As an American, I can't help but think people's thoughts aren't going to flash to the island.
Wilted  9/23/2009
I think Skye is a great name for either a boy or a girl. It gives you the impression of either a very pure or easy-going, free-spirited individual. Personally, I like it more as a boy's name, but I've heard of girls named Skye.

I also like this spelling of the name. It seems far less pretentious and generic than Sky. It also seems more like a name, and less like something someone braindead enough to name their kid "Apple" would pick as a runner-up.
Mothetree  4/21/2010
The meaning of the Isle of Skye's name is uncertain. It may mean "winged" from the shape of the island. It seems oddly apt that someone with the name that sounds like "sky" would be "winged"!
keepitreal  1/29/2011
Skye doesn't only have to be female. I've seen it as a male's name too. I think I like it more as a male's anyway.
lathenia  3/10/2011
I chose the name Skye for my daughter back in mid 1975. While stuck on board an aircraft carrier in the middle of the west pacific, I found an old magazine with an article about the Scottish Isle of Skye. The island sounded so green, so eternal and serene that I said to myself if I ever have a daughter I will name her Skye... it also sounded well with my Celtic last name. 3 years later my daughter was born and we named her Skye.
celticdog  3/15/2011
This is my middle name and what everyone called me during my childhood. People have often asked if my parents were hippies and I have to explain it's taken from the Isle of Skye. Still, it's a nice name that most people have told me is "cool."
― Anonymous User  7/13/2011
My name is Skye and I'm male, and I personally love my name (No, I'm not gay). I've never found a straight-up definition of this name, but I have been given multiple separate answers, and people have told me it means: eternal, winged, protected, sheltering, and enduring. So for me really, it's a survivor's name.

These meanings are pretty legitimate for me, and I hope this answer helps.
RezylianX  8/8/2012
This name sounds very young and immature, and only belongs on a pet or a 15 year old fictional stripper.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2013
I'm 14 and my name is Skye. I used to hate it, but I love it now. My mother named me after the Isle of Skye. I disagree with the comment about a 15 year old fictional stripper, my name isn't Cinnamon, it's Skye. I've never read a book or something where the strippers name was Skye. Neither have I ever met a dog with the name Skye. My name isn't cheap like I've read in these comments, a name can't be gay. It is a more feminine name but also unisex, like skyler or skylar, I've met guys and girls with my name. I'm usually mistaken for a dude which sucks, but I still don't see how someone can comment on a name and say it's cheap? A name can't be cheap, retarded, or gay.
skylizzle  11/24/2014
The sky is blue and the ocean is blue and I like the ocean so that kinda makes sense. This from my 6 year old named Skye.
Sky0000  5/10/2014
Much, much better than "Skylar".
Ali Hassan  7/26/2014
I love the name Sky/Skye. Either way people spell it I think it's more a girls name, but I love it for boys as well. I will be calling my puppy Skye and it will be a boy.
Dogs100  12/26/2014
We named our first child Skye (4 now) and love the name. It's bright sounding, memorable, and not too common (we've only met one other Skye). It is a name where there are some opportunities to tease, e.g. one (adult) friend has joked - what will you call your second child, Virgin Media? [both are satellite tv companies in the UK] And one of my wife's uncle's likes to pretend he thought we'd called her Skype. Overall we're delighted with the name, and it really suits our daughter - a striking young girl, like her name.
John C  1/25/2015
55 boys were given the name Skye in the US in 2013!
Lady_Skywalker  4/5/2015
Any name that sounds like 'skai' is beautiful, overpowering, and magic.
fayerman  4/8/2015
Hmmm, looks feminine but sounds masculine.

When I hear this name, I think of it as a nickname for Skyler, Skylar, scuyler which I prefer for boys.
― Anonymous User  5/17/2015
Love this name as a boy or girl name, it's free spirited and fun! I will actually be naming my English cream golden retriever this! (and it's a boy).
Ever Blossom  7/9/2015
My name is Skye, and let me just personally tell you if you don't want your child to change their name the moment they turn 18, DONT NAME THEM THIS! Not only do I have the poor parenting of almost being named Skye Blue, but I also have to deal with all the small talk that comes with this name. Nobody understands how to properly spell it for one (Starbucks is a pain!) but many people I meet constantly say what a pretty name. Also, people think that your name is short for something. For the hundredth time, my name is not skyler. Sure, having this name can sometimes have its advantages, it being short and you can tell everybody you have a dog breed and island that shares your name. I don't think I'll ever end up loving my name, I'm probably going to switch it to Jane in a few years.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2015
After traveling to the Isle of Skye, which is one of the most strong, beautiful landscapes you can imagine (green island, dark rocky shore, crashing waves and brilliant blue skies) we decided to name our first born son Skye. After some relatives reacted in a negative way we made it his middle name instead. Sometimes wish we hadn't. I agree it's a strong, charismatic name for a man or a woman, when spelled SKYE. My son is tall, and really strong with light hair and pale green eyes. He's also really smart and kind. The name fits him to a T. Some of the negative remarks here sound like they come from jealous 12 year old girls! Really. At any rate, Skye... I wouldn't change your name, I would embrace it. Who cares if people always tell you it's beautiful! That's a good thing. Just because all Americans don't know the Isle of Skye doesn't make the name (after the island) any less powerful or beautiful. Visit there someday and I think you'll appreciate it even more. It's strong and powerful.
chaps3  8/1/2015
Named my 5 month old Pembroke Corgi girl "SKYE" and everyone comments "what a beautiful name". I picked the name mainly because of the Corgi origins that I found in researching the breed. Beautiful pup, beautiful name - everyone happy!
icedad46  9/28/2015
Skye is a main character on Marvel's Agents of Shield played by Chloe Bennet. The character chose the name for herself.
badinlatin  10/22/2015
Hi just thought I would add a comment my eldest daughter Skye was born in 2002 I absolutely love the name and so does she. Like many people with the name Skye she was named after the isle of Skye, such a beautiful place. The name is becoming a lot more common now in the U.K. When I named my daughter back in 2002 people thought I was mad and said she would get bullied but she has never been bullied over her name.
Skye-alexias mum  11/10/2015
My dog's name is Skye. I instantly loved it and actually thought I was completely unique in using it. At the time I selected it, I read that it was Celtic for endless sky or cloud and Gaelic for winged object. It fit her all the way around. I think it is a delightful name for anybody. I've never cared much what others think of our name choices. Most of our family names are surnames or combinations of names from our relations... and we have some REALLY unusual names!
FrippyChickLaurinda  1/3/2016
My name is Skye and I love it. Lot of people say it wrong and that's weird, but it can be spelled weird too. Also the E is not said because I have been called Skyee like Skyie. Sometimes I go by Skye-ann so that will not happen.
justskye  1/16/2016
I really like this name, although I tend to give common names geographical connotations like Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. I actually think of this in terms of the variant of Sky. After all, the sky is a place, so I guess that is a geographical connotation as well.
Kidwins9  2/5/2016
My best friend's name is Skye. She likes her name because nobody ever forgets it. I disagree with the "gay" comments. It's an ambiguous name even though it is most commonly used on women. I don't think it's cheap. It's proper grammar to put an 'E' at the end of the name Skye.
FireEarthAir  2/13/2016
My Name is Skye. I think the name is sorta old. I like it, yes, But there are times when I wish my name was Skylar or something. It's because that's like my nickname. I'm 16, and literally everyone spells my name wrong when I tell them what it is.

But other than that, everyone likes my name. That's all that matters I guess.
Skye_Lov  3/4/2016
I don't normally like misspellings of words, but this one is beautiful!
KittenMeow  4/9/2016
This is not a boy's name! It reminds me of flowers and clouds and wind. Nature names are girly. Use Skyler for a boy.
Eileen1209864  5/7/2016
I checked the charts, it's only a girl's name. Skyler is masculine. Only works on a girl, beautiful girls and hideous, prissy boys have this name. I think it sounds like a girl name. Reminds me of Paw patrol as there is a female dog named Skye. Skye can be a masculine middle name. But Skyler is more masculine.
Sky looks like a word or a nickname for Skylar or Skyler. It is also too short for a girls name but Skye is perfect.
Eileen1209864  5/8/2016
Skye -Male -Non-prissy -hobo-ish artist -chill.
Skye97  8/5/2016
If I ever married and had a daughter, I'd want her name to be Skye Alexandria. I love how Skye is both practical (one syllable, not hard to spell) and dreamy (evocative of beautiful UK landscapes and most obviously the sky). I have always loved this name and would love to give it to a child.
bethanyisabelle92  8/21/2016
I like this name for a middle name and on a girl, I especially gravitate towards this spelling.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2016
Named our oldest Matthew Skye...
I love Skye for a male name!
Cc73  10/22/2016
Sing me a song of a lass that is gone
Say could that lass be I
Merry of soul she sailed on a day
Over the sea to Skye...

(The Skye Boat Song, traditional Scottish song now in use as the "Outlander" theme song).
elizabeth hamlet  12/26/2016
My name is Skye and I'm Non-binary and most Non-binary people change their name to something more neutral but I'm going to keep mine the same because I feel it is neutral.
I'm agender and I use the name Skye. In my opinion it's a unisex name and I've known people male, female, both and agender use this name so I think it works perfectly for anyone. Also the homophobic comments about the name on a boy are stupid. I'd appreciate it if you didn't stereotype people. Thanks!
an_agender_mouse  1/13/2017
Skye Chan is a Hong Kong actress and Miss Hong Kong 2008 first runner-up. She represented Hong Kong in Miss World 2008 where she did not place, and in Miss Chinese International 2009 where she was crowned 1st runner-up. Following her win, she became an actress for TVB and a language translator, as she can speak four languages: English, Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Before her current career, Chan was a flight attendant with Cathay Pacific and studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
cutenose  2/16/2017
For those of you who have said the name Skye is cheap or is a gay male's name, how stupid are you, really? You sound like you have the I.Q. of a piece of bread.

Skye is a powerful and hard to forget name. Most people, upon learning my name absolutely love it. It's an extremely individualistic name. I've only met one other Skye during my life. As someone else said here, almost everyone forgets to add the 'e' so I have made a habit of letting them know before they've even spelt it out because I know 9/10 they will spell it Sky. I personally haven't met a male with the name Skye but personally think it's a beautiful name for whoever is named that or would like to be called Skye.
Skyeceleste  3/5/2017
I think Skye is s beautiful name. I named my golden retriever Skye, a boy, I have had comments that it's a girl's name, why? It's a name and so gorgeous just like my retriever, I named him after the isle of Skye which we took him to last year, the locals thought it was lovely that we called him after such a beautiful place.
Golden Skye.  5/29/2017
I like Liliana Skye or Eliana Skye. It just seems pretty, in my opinion. Plus I really like Skye on a female, because its naturey and peaceful. Although I don't like how close it is to sly.
XironDarkstar  9/15/2017
Skye from PAW Patrol?
blackiesunshine  10/16/2017
I think the name Skye is beautiful, I called my golden retriever Skye and he is a boy. There is nothing wrong with a male being called Skye.
Golden Skye.  11/15/2017
I like this spelling of Skye and I only like this name for a girl. Way too feminine sounding for a boy.
Luvbug86  3/23/2018

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