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This is my favorite name of all time. I love how the first syllable is "sky". I plan on naming my child (if it's a boy) this name.
Angelle  12/3/2004
I love this name! I had a baby girl in July and I named her Skylar. It has a beautiful ring to it. It means Eternal life, strength, love, protection, beauty, knowledge and the sky itself. It can be a male or female name. Males usually spell it Skyler. The origin of this name varies. It is Dutch, Egyptian, English and Scandinavian. A unique name and quite different.
Radadrienne  12/14/2004
My name is Skylar and I like it. When I was younger I hated it because people would always say "what a unique name". Now I like being unique, and it's the perfect name for that. The only part about it I don't like is the fact that it can be a boy's name too. I really hate being told that someone knows a boy with my name.
Skylar  3/11/2005
I personaly enjoy this name even though it is sometimes mistaken to be a boys name. Some of the reasons I enjoy this name is because it is not a very commen name (and I hope it stays that way.) I am happy that I have a unique name.
― Anonymous User  10/2/2005
My name is Skylar and I think this is a very special name. When my friends or family hear the name Skylar, they can only think of me because I am the only Skylar they know. I like to be called Sky because I have sky blue eyes.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2005
I like this for a girl with the nickname Skye.
mum2bubba  10/21/2005
I looked at this name and read that the origin comes from Holland, my home country, and that it means 'scholar'. Well, the Dutch word for scholar is not Schuyler, but 'Geleerde' wich is a posh word for 'Scholier', a schoolboy/schoolgirl. Also the pronunciation is with a very hard G.
It's not easy to explain but I'll try. The letters: SCH are pronounced like you would say the name Achmed. The letter O like in the word 'snow'. The letters IE as in the word 'JEEP'. I wonder how this Dutch surname became a popular first name.
peukie  12/13/2005
I'm a Skylar, and though I've read for years that my name comes from the word "scholar" in Dutch, I don't think there's much truth in it. A couple years ago, I travelled to the Netherlands to look up some long-lost relatives, the part of the family that never left Europe. It was a great reunion. They were charmed by my interest in my roots, and they found my name curious. I told them, "Better yet, it's Dutch!" They thought this was hilarious -- because there is no such name in Dutch, and never has been. I wrote out the older spelling of the name, "Schuyler," and they conceded that it LOOKED Dutch, what with the archaic "uy" and all, but they insisted that there was nothing Dutch about it. I asked lots of people around Holland and everybody said the same thing. One clue did turn up, however. They have a word "schuilen," which means "to shelter," and a "schuyler" (in the old spelling) could conceivably be a "shelterer" (although it's not really a word in Dutch). Their word for scholar, incidentally, is "geleerde," which doesn't sound much like Skylar. But hey, it's a nice story for moms and dads who are looking for a name for their (obviously very bright) newborn.
skyfein  1/16/2006
I love my name, Skylar Ross. My dad found it in a book and I am tring to find this book so I can read it! I am the only "guy" Skylar I know! I am always told that male Skylars spell their name Skyler. I don't like it spelled that way it just seems wierd but I have been spelling it Skylar for 17 years. I think it is a good name for both genders. I don't like when they try to pick sides! My sister's name is Jordan Taylor, our names are what our mother gave us and I love them! I would not change my name ever!
skylar2ups  1/18/2006
There is also the names Skyla, Skylee, and Skylyn.
― Anonymous User  6/16/2006
It's sad that this name is on the road to being hijacked.
Mithos514  8/15/2006
Skylar for a girl appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1990's with its most popular year being 2005 where it ranked 154, Skylar for a boy appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1980's with its most popular year being the 1990's where it ranked 407. For the year 2005 it ranked 462.
― Anonymous User  9/25/2006
This name was originally entirely masculine in usage and has "gone to the girls" for the most part in the U.S. I vastly prefer it on boys spelled the traditional way, Schuyler. Just because a name is used on girls doesn't make it a feminine name. ;)
Kitten  9/25/2006
I've always liked this name. My first boyfriend was named Skylar but everyone called him Sky. He would get really mad when I called him Skylar. ;) But now, I like a lot more as a girl's name.
― Anonymous User  2/13/2007
Yuck. Regardless of the origin of the name, it just sounds like someone took the trendy name "Tyler" and tried to make it hippy-ish by adding "Sky". Way too feminine for a boy and I still don't like it on a girl. First time I heard it I thought it was a joke.
visitor27  4/27/2007
The English word "scholar" came from Greek "skhole:" meaning "a holding back", stop, rest, leisure, employment of leisure in disputation, school. The Indo-European root is *segh- "to hold". From The American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd ed., pg. 2123.
earthnut  6/2/2007
My name is Skylar and I like my name. I wouldn't change it. I've always liked my name because it's not that popular and I hope it stays that way.
skylar_22  6/3/2007
I think this name has a unique tone to it.
complexedperson  6/17/2007
I love this name, but I prefer the spelling "Schuyler" over any other!
Mystic  6/20/2007
I prefer this name for men, because the nickname "Skye" is too freaky for a girl, but for a man, it brings to mind a brave, but brawny, man who loves his family.
spaz123  8/29/2007
I know two Skylars, a girl and a boy! I really like this name on both of them though I prefer it on a girl.
Logan G  11/14/2007
It's an okay name I guess, but it's kinda crunchy to my ears. It sounds too much like Tyler.
― Anonymous User  12/12/2007
This, to me, is a BOYS name! Name your girls regular girl names.
― Anonymous User  3/24/2008
I think this name is much better on males. Much, much better. The -ar ending makes it sound masculine. It strikes me as a far too boyish name for a pretty little girl, for a cute teen girl, and especially for an adult woman. It sounds like a bit of a tomboy name, and I don't think it has the required spunk to sound cool and fitting on an androgynous teen girl or young woman, or a young female indie rocker type. I remember that this was Pamela Anderson's character's name in some episode to some popular sitcom, and it didn't sound very credible as the name of a blonde, über-feminine middle-aged woman. Actually, while I think the name is okay on young guys, it sounds more like the name of a teen boy or a frat boy than that of a mature man. Like Corey, this name unfortunately makes me picture a rich, spoiled, but attractive frat boy. It's a weird image, but it just sounds like a suitable name for at least a character in a story, just like Corey. Hmm.
slight night shiver  5/7/2008
Skylar was Will's love interest in the Academy Award winning movie "Good Will Hunting". The name was taken from writer/actor Matt Damon's former girlfriend in Harvard University who bore this name.
scholasticastewart  5/25/2008
You know, it might just be me, but I think Skylar is a better guy name. I don't know. The 'er' in Skyler makes me think 'girl'.
welovejamesarness  9/13/2008
In the series "Secrets of my Hollywood Life" the main antagonist is actress Skylar Mackenzie, who goes by Sky because he hates her real name.
emmiix3  2/22/2009
I love the name Skylar. As a matter of fact I named my son Skylar 5 years ago. I feel that this name goes better for a boy, I just wouldn't name a girl that.
shanika  2/25/2009
I adore the this name! I'd definitely consider it for my kids name in the future if I have a girl. Skylar just doesn't sound right on a boy to me, it's just too fluffy and feminine. I've never actually met anyone with this name though, it's so unique.
― Anonymous User  5/13/2009
I named my daughter a version of this name in January of 2003, spelling it "Skylur". I didn't like the -ar. It looks like it should be pronounced larr. She is going to be 7 soon, and is aware of herself and her name. She loves it, her friends love it, and she is well-known throughout her school of 600 kids. People don't forget this name! It sticks in your mind. I live in a wealthy area, and there are no other Skylar's. I get a lot of positive feedback. I don't like this for a male; I believe all males should have a strong male name.
cmgalaxy  11/6/2009
I can't work out if I really like this name or not. I do, but when I picture it on a person I don't as much. Better for a girl I think, love Sky/e though.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2009
So hideously white trash it disgusts me.
Aureliano  3/4/2010
I hate this name. It's just so trashy and immature.
― Anonymous User  3/18/2010
It is rather pretty, but it has that sort of hippie edge to it, if you know what I mean. I don't recommend it as an actual name for your child, but it would work well for a character.
Black_X  2/5/2011
Skylar is very close to the ancient Greek word skýla, which means a word I'll not type.
― Anonymous User  4/27/2011
I love this name! Before looking at the comments, I never actually knew that it could be a boys name as well. If I could change my name, it would be to Skylar. I think it's really original and if you are called it you should be thankful that you had such an amazing mother to call you such a beautiful name.
hollie2305  9/29/2011
Awful, childish and cutesy. It's only a popular name because it has the word "sky" in it, and doesn't sound feminine. Will be dated in 20 years' time.
the_awesome_elf  3/2/2012
I really don't understand why -ar is so much more popular for girls, and -er for boys. I don't think one spelling looks any more masculine or feminine than the other. I do like this name and I'd probably use it for either gender. It is a little hippie-esque, but not overly so.
mrose19  12/20/2012
Waaaayyy too new and modern. An eighty year old woman named Skylar is hilarious. I mean seriously, kids grow up! I can't see this name on anyone past 21, either gender. It's ridiculous, and it kind of sounds like it was made up by parents trying to be "unique".
― Anonymous User  1/21/2013
This name just sounds too trendy and youthful to ever be taken seriously. No version of this name is nice, and it sounds equally bad on boys and girls. This isn't an adult's name - it's the "cute" name given to children by parents who don't realize that the kids will grow up someday. Also, what were some of those comments about this name being "Egyptian" and having other meanings? It means scholar in Dutch. Nothing more and nothing less.
sunshinechild67  3/27/2013
I love this name! It is so beautiful and bright and sounds great for a teenager. Skylar is easy to pronounce and is very pretty with Grace as the middle name. If I had twin girls, I would name them Skylar Grace & Allegra Josephine. Skylar means "sky" and Allegra means "happy" which reminds me of heaven. I think that it's a lovely name!
avengingangelx3  6/10/2013
Woahhh! This shot up from #145 to #87 in a year. Trendy much? What, did some celebrity give this 'name' to one of their kids recently?
― Anonymous User  7/3/2013
I think this name is alright, although I like it better for a boy spelled Skyler. But I felt the need to comment because of all the people saying "OMG DIS NAME IS SO SILLY FOR ANYONE OLDER DEN A TEENAGER!1! LOL OLD PEOPLE NAMED SKYLAR!1!" Are you guys aware that since this name is so popular now, there will be many old people named Skylar in about 50 years? I just thought I'd point that out.
Icycoldhot  11/3/2013
This is the absolute WORST name I have ever seen. Even worse, it's skyrocketing in popularity and people actually like it!

@Icycoldhot, and that's a damn shame.
Jason Malcolm  4/20/2014
This name is beautiful. My cousin's name is Skyeler. She's a girl and she's adorable! I don't like the name for a boy at all. It sounds too pretty!
Cassidy_  3/6/2014
This name doesn't mean scholar in dutch who made that up?
I'm a native Dutch speaker and scholar would be translated as geleerde or leerling
Skylar isn't a Dutch word so it doesn't mean anything in Dutch.
Also I think this is a guys name and very unfeminine
But I'm not a fan of the name in general. :)
StarlessNight  4/8/2014
I'm not trying to offend people, but this is one of the very, very few names I think if someone gives this to a child, they are mentally off. The fact this is #73 in America is scarier than any horror movie. What in hell is so pretty about this name? It's horrible on either gender; far too masculine for a girl and far too effeminate for a boy, it's the opposite of unisex, it's nosex. Even then, it's just plain UGLY. It sounds like someone took "Tyler" and put "Sky" in front. And as someone pointed out, it doesn't mean ANYTHING in Dutch, so what the hell is this? In conclusion, I feel sorry for bearers of this name and the people who like it. There is just no hope for you fans of this "name".
Ali Hassan  7/14/2014
I named my first daughter Skylar. Now, 23 years later I still love her name and am glad I named her what I did.
My favorite color is blue, so knowing that her nickname could become Sky only confirmed that it was a good name. I like that it is not a common name, and wish it was not gaining in popularity. People who do not appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of this name, and actively criticize the name are lacking in forward thinking. And, probably prefer common names that have been repeated for years and years and years... and most likely have one of those common names.
When the teacher takes roll in class - do you want your child to have the same name as several other children so they just blend in until they break free and are awarded a nickname? Or, from the first day of class do you give your child their first gift, which is their name? A name which is beautiful (not common), a gift from your heart, which you hope will continue to be so...
CSEatonLaw  8/11/2014
My two year old daughter is named Skylar. I find it a beautiful name and we pronounce it Sky-la, not Sky-lar which changes the whole name to me.
AshleeB  10/16/2014
The name Skylar is one of my favorite names. I prefer it spelled Skylar for a girl and Skyler for a boy. I prefer modern sounding names over traditional names.
heatherfeather  10/16/2014
Skylar is my male cousin born 1995. The first one I've heard of. Not sure it's a good name for girls.
LV51sfan91  4/23/2015
Currently, the variation Skyla is more popular for girls in England and Wales than Skylar. This is possibly because when spoken with a British accent, Skylar and Skyla are impossible to tell apart. The popularity of the names Skye and Isla likely contributed to its usage.
Ambiversion  6/21/2015
Hey all! I've got a unique perspective on the names Sky, Skyla and Skylar for a girl. My legal name is Skyla but I go by Sky and will also respond to the name Skylar. In junior high school I went by my middle name, Brooke because it's a bit more traditional. Frankly, I like being unique but sometimes, not that unique. I'm 26 years old and I find that people often think I'm younger than I am or I'm some kind of hippie, crazy party girl, or really ditzy because of my name. Drunk people, elderly folk, and children seem to have the hardest time with my name. I will say the name definitely makes an impression but having people point to the ceiling every time I meet someone new, gets old and employers never take me seriously. It's insulting how hard I have to work to get credit for being an intelligent adult woman, all because people assume I'm a ditz. Also, I wouldn't mind actually meeting another female Sky, Skyla or Skylar. In my 26 years, I haven't met a single one, nor seen more than maybe 2 movies/tv shows with characters that have my name. You can forget about ever finding a keychain or a coca-cola bottle with that name! I can appreciate the parents out there (my late father included) that want their children to be unique but there's a chance your child will grow up to wish they were a little less unique and may want to legally change their name, like me.
Skylala  8/27/2015
American singer and songwriter Skylar Grey is a famous bearer of this name.
― Anonymous User  9/10/2015
My name is Skylar and I personally didn't use to like my name but now that I'm a teenager I really love it. Skylar is really unique to me and nobody else that I know has my name. I mean it is difficult to have my name because you will never find a keychain, coffee mug, or coke bottle with Skylar. (trust me I've tried at like every gift shop and they should really add it) I agree it might not be the best name when you're older, but I'm going to keep it. I prefer Skylar on girls but I like it on boys too. Like someone said, it's nice to have a name that won't always be everywhere you go. Like Hailey. There are millions of them. But Skylar in my opinion is a beautiful, unique, different name every parent should at least think of while naming their child. But that's just my opinion.
― Anonymous User  11/3/2015
My name is Skylar. I'm a male. It actually is a boy name. People tell me it is a girl name but it isn't. Skylar is a Dutch name used to name male children. If you name your female child this name it means that, one you want a boy, or two you are lazy and you can't think of a good name for your daughter. If you have a girl name her Skyla. Also Skyler is Irish and Egyptian while Skylar is Dutch.
DerpySkylar  11/29/2015
It makes me mad that people are giving this name certain genders. "I like it more on a guy!"
"No, a girl!"

I'm trans -- agender. Can't it be good on both? Neither? That's why Skylar is my preferred name.
thattransfluffgod  12/10/2015
My name is Skylar and my parents picked the name way back in 1992. I absolutely love my name because I don't have a middle name and because I have a twin brother named Caleb. I'm extremely happy that my parents didn't do the cutesy twin name thing which is too cheesy in my opinion. Also my dad was the one who wanted to name me Skylar which is really special to me and he thought it would be cool to have the nickname Sky (which my family has always been the one's to call me Sky and no one else, so it's a little ironic). The first time my dad heard the name was from the soap opera, The Edge of Night, in the early 1980s. There was a male character named Schuyler Whitney and my dad liked the name. I read some comments saying the name is too cutesy or would look weird on an eighty year old lady. All I have to say is you don't have to live with the name and all that matters are the parents and the child who has the name! It's unique and different and fits my personality. I think it a good male or female name and I like that there are different spellings to separate them. Although it is becoming more popular in today's society, I still don't see it too often. So far in my life, I have come across two other Skylar's. So if you want a good old lady name for your child, go ahead and pick a boring, common name.
skybye1  12/21/2015
To be honest, this name and its popularity colors me confused.

First of all, the meaning of the name that I studied from this site. Apparently it's derived from Dutch surname "Schyuler" meaning "scholar". Then the word "sky" was added to it, so the final meaning is "sky scholar"? I was expecting the name to be a short form of "skylark", as in the singing bird - that would have made more sense, and that's what I was expecting.

And then there's the pronunciation. Ignore the name's meaning and context, and pay attention to how the name alone sounds like. Frankly, to me "Skylar" sounds very clumsy and quite off putting. Of course I'm not going to say it to their faces (I have my manners intact and the person carrying it might be beautiful inside out), but each time I see or hear the name Skylar, I feel a little uncomfortable for needing to use the name. It's just not a beautiful sounding name, it just doesn't roll softly off your tongue.

I would never name my own child "Skylar". I probably wouldn't be picking up old and often used names, but rather something unique that actually sounds beautiful too. But what comes to old and often used names, there's always a reason for why they have stayed popular.

I am sorry, but I'm just so baffled about this name and I had to let it out.
― Anonymous User  3/11/2016
My daughter is Skyler and we usually call her Sky, but nobody thinks anything of it being unique. Teachers like to spell it Skylar which drives me crazy, because they know it's not spelled that way. She loves it and that's all that counts!
Veruca78  3/20/2016
I have identical twin daughters. We named them Chloe Mae & Sklyar Lee. No regrets. She loves her name & it suits her well. Vince Neil of Motley Crue had a daughter named Skyler who sadly died very young. There is a beautiful song about her. My husband & I both love the Crue, so it was a bit of an homage. She is unique, curious, creative, confident & strong-willed - sometimes a bit too much!
― Anonymous User  4/19/2016
I just love this name. I named my first born daughter Skylar because this name is so pretty, and the meaning itself. We always call her Sky and that makes it so cool. This name resembles the sky itself; beauty, eternity, strength and protection.
Mai Sky  4/21/2016
I like the name Skylar because it is my name, but the thing I don't like is that boys can have the same name as us girls but as I'm typing this the boy version is Skyler.

There are also other ways of spelling it. When I was was a bit younger there was a Skylar across the road from me. It was cool and we would hang out together and her name was spelt Skylah and teachers would spell my name as Skyla and I hated it.

And to everyone else with the name Skylar, our name is unique so one thing that you should remember is that you and your name are unique.
Skylarpullman  5/3/2016
Skye is not freaky for a boy. It's a girl name.
Sky would be the nickname, anything else is weird. Lara, maybe for a girl. Skyli, as a nickname, is for a girl too. Sky is more of a nickname, while Skye is a more feminine alternative.
Skylea is better than Skyla for girls.
It sounds unisex, like very few names.
Eileen1209864  5/8/2016
I hated this name before Hamilton, for reasons mentioned above. I hate it even more now, because all I can think of when I see it is upper-class 18th century New Yorkers. By the way, Skyler and Skylar are both corruptions of the Dutch surname Schuyler (pronounced "sky-ler" in English), none of that Greek/Egyptian/Irish stuff. As a given name, Schuyler was originally used as a male name (eg Schuyler Colfax, U.S. Grant's VP, and Schuyler Wheeler, the inventor of the electrical fan), but after the inception of the unisex names Skylar/Skyler c.1980, Schuyler was occasionally used as a girls' name (probably by people who were trying to be even more edgy). Schuyler has no relation to the word scholar in any language; it is possibly related to the Dutch verb schuilen/schuilde (to take shelter/to lurk) and "schuiler," which *could* mean "lurker/one who takes shelter," but isn't actually a real word.
postironicnihilism  10/5/2016
This is an absolutely awful name. It so low brow, and it just sounds heinous. It has no meaning to it, and it's white trash. I can only imagine this name on some crunchy hippie. I'm sick of all these pop culture names that don't mean anything.
catherine43229  11/12/2016
Skylar Stecker is an American singer. Skylar's career began to take shape when she performed at the 2012 International Modeling & Talent Association Awards in Los Angeles where she was awarded best singer and most sought after talent. In 2012, she had sung the national anthem at the Wisconsin Badgers, New Orleans Saints, UCLA, and Green Bay Packers games. She performed the National Anthem more than one hundred times. She performed on stage alongside MattyBRaps. In August 2013, she began actively recording and releasing cover videos on her YouTube channel. In the fall of 2013, Skylar had a guest starring role in the ABC comedy Super Fun Night starring Rebel Wilson. Her first studio album was released on September 25, 2015, it featured the singles "Rooftop", "Rascal", "That's What's Up", "Crazy Beautiful" which were released in 2015. Over the last few years, Skylar Stecker’s soulful voice and bright, beat-driven brand of pop have earned her a legion of devoted fans who flock to her social media pages. FL-born, WI-raised singer/songwriter has racked up over 30 mil. Views and 346K subs on YouTube, 223K Instagram followers, 70K Facebook likes, and 29K Twitter followers. In Jan 2015, she released an independent EP, Firecracker, which she wrote or co-wrote every song, with the single “Rooftop” attracting more than 6 million YouTube views and selling over 40, 000 singles. She made her national TV debut on the Today Show as Elvis Duran’s “Artist of the Month” in the Fall of 2014.
cutenose  1/29/2017
My name is Skylar. I love my name, I think it is a natural name. It's not very common, but that's good because, who wants a boring common name, not me.
― Anonymous User  2/25/2017
The name Skylar was given to 317 boys born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017
Skylar Annette Neese was an American girl who disappeared from her home in Star City, West Virginia around midnight on July 6, 2012. Neese's remains were found on January 16, 2013, in Wayne Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.

Neese was murdered by two of her high school friends, Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy. In December 2012, Shoaf told authorities that she and Eddy planned and carried out Neese's murder. Shoaf pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on May 1, 2013. Neese's disappearance led to new West Virginia legislation that made changes to the Amber Alert missing child alert system.
lilolaf  6/30/2017
I believe that the name Skylar sounds like it comes from Skylark put together from Sky and lark and that is why I hate the name Skylar. And who wants to name their children Skylar after bright blue skies and grey birds? You can research Eurasian Skylark on Wikipedia and see why the name Skylar comes from Eurasian Skylark!
― Anonymous User  11/1/2017
For some reason I always feel like pronouncing this Sky-LAR. Like far or bar. This spelling looks weird to me, I will always prefer Schuyler for a male or Skye for a female.
XironDarkstar  11/7/2017
Actually the spelling Skyler is the female version and Skylar is the male and it gets used wrong all the time- Just so there is an awareness, because I researched it back and forward before I used it for my daughter because I loved the meaning.
karina1970  12/20/2017
My name is Skylar. At fist I did not like it but now I love it!
― Anonymous User  2/16/2018

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