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The species of Arenaria closest to Lithuania is probably Arenaria norvegica. It is a low-growing plant with pretty, tiny, white flowers. So, the meaning of this name isn't bad, but I'd like to know the pronunciation. I think anglophones would pronounce this smihl-tuh, or maybe it's smeel-tuh, or smihl-teh, idk/etc. The name strikes me as average, or at least as average as a foreign (to my place of being) name can be. It's not exceedingly beautiful, nor astoundingly horrible. I'm just not a fan of sm-(vowel)-l.
Meapergirl  11/4/2011
Smiltė bagdžiūnė is a Lithuanian model.
cutenose  4/19/2016
Smilte means "smiled" in Norwegian.
― Anonymous User  8/24/2017

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