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This is my name, and I love it. It's foreign, so it's a bit mysterious, it's unusual so I feel unique, it's pretty, classic, it ages well and it doesn't have an embarrassing meaning. My friends and family call me Son or Sonny, but a popular nickname for Sonya is Sunny which I also love.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2005
I believe Sonya also derives from the Greek Sophia, which means wisdom.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2005
In the novel "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Sonya was a reluctant prostitute, the confessor of the main character (Rodya), and a symbol of the idea that suffering has redemptive power. The name Sonya was an alternative for the character's given name, Sofya.
Gwenllian  11/12/2005
Sonya Aurora Madan was the singer in the indie band Echobelly.
― Anonymous User  12/22/2005
My name is Sonyaa with a double 'a'. Are there any others out there?
sonyaacurtis  1/27/2006
I love the sound of the name Sonya. It flows smoothly and sounds pleasant. It has an exotic sound to it.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
Sonya is a beautiful elegant name for a girl. I like this spelling the best.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2006
With the popularity of the names Sophia and Sophie I am surprised this name hasn't increased in usage. I love the nickname Sonny/Sunny for this name.
― Anonymous User  6/21/2006
I too have been blessed with the wonderful name Sonya. I think it's so lovely and soft. Whenever someone asks me my name I gently exhale "Sahn-ya". I'm proud of my name.
sdpitts73  7/18/2006
It reminds me of "song". It's pretty.
dramaelf  9/25/2006
Sonya appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1930's until 2003. Its most popular year was the 1970's where it ranked 149.
― Anonymous User  9/25/2006
If you saw the series finale episode of "Mad About You", you'll always remember this name. The epsiode told the life story of Paul and Jamie Buchman's now-grown daughter, Mabel, in flashback. In the scene showing her as a snarling, confrontational twelve-year-old, Mabel, who was named by her grandmother as an mnemonic of Mothers Always Bring Extra Love, announces she is changing her name to Sonya, for Some Other Name, You A***.
elizabeth hamlet  9/29/2006
In the beginning of the older tv series Mama's family, the son's daughter is named Sonya.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2007
The neurosurgeon Ben Carson's mother's name is Sonya.
bibi66  3/3/2007
No it is not a pet form, it is the Russian version of Sophia.
met  5/3/2007
Sonja is the Russian pet form of the Greek name Sophia.
Karcoolka  6/29/2007
A famous bearer of this name is Sonya Blade of Mortal Kombat!
maidmideon  5/12/2007
Sonya Blade of Midway's Mortal Kombat series is a bearer of this name!
KamekoIida  3/16/2008
I absolutely love this name. I am quite surprised that this name has not become popular. Oh well, maybe it will in the future.
lol_cool  3/24/2008
This is a beautiful name pronounced ''SON-ya'', with a short 'o' that sounds like a proper 'o', not ''ah'' or anything, but ugly pronounced ''SAW-nya''. The former sounds sophisticated, the latter trashy and annoying.
slight night shiver  5/7/2008
In the television show Codename:Kids Next Door one operative, who is around the age of seven, name is Sonya, her number is numbuh 83.
savannaha1207  8/22/2009
Sonya Walger is a British actress who has acted in many shows like Lost, FlashForward and many other shows.
Fray  9/3/2009
It's very pretty. I like it more then Sophia.
― Anonymous User  4/4/2010
Sonya Klopfer is a former American figure skater.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2012
I like Sonia way better than this. It's too trendy and very, very common.
Melys11  2/12/2013
The name Sonya was given to 191 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
I have proudly carried this Beautiful and Eloquent Name 46 Years! Growing up "hated" it. Hated it for ALL of the Reasons I So Love about it today! Reading all your comments clarified the Beauty and Uniqueness of having the name Sonya! MY mother knew exactly what she was doing when she chose it!
Sunny, Shiny, Mysterious, Independent and Confident! Nice!
StayinFocused  7/14/2014
Sonja Henie April 8, 1912 - October 12, 1969

Worlds Finest Olympian Ice Skater in History!
StayinFocused  7/14/2014
Sonya is a stylish and pretty name. I think of the badass video game character character Sonya Blade from the Mortal Kombat series. Other girl names I associate with badassery that I 100% recommend are Cammy (Cammy White from the Street Fighter series) and Lara (Lara Croft, the protagonist of the Tomb Raider video game series).
― Anonymous User  1/28/2015
In USA (2014) 157 baby girls were given Sonya.
lilolaf  4/17/2016
The name Sonya was given to 163 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/14/2016
I love this name a lot, almost even more than mine!
Sania01  8/5/2016
The African-American inspired name is Lasonya (combination with prefix -la and name Sonya).
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  12/31/2016
Sonya Kraus is a German television presenter and former model. Aged four, Kraus started ballet school which eventually led her to music school in Frankfurt. She ended her ballet career in 1987 when she grew too tall, reaching 1.77 m at the time. In 1992, she finished her Abitur / university-entrance diploma and started working as a professional model until 1994.
cutenose  4/3/2017
This is my name, and it's pronounced with the long 'O'. I personally hate it when people pronounce my name SAHN-YA. I can't stand for my name to be called that way. I'm glad that people ask how I spell and pronounce my name instead of assuming. It's spelled with a 'y' and it's pronounced with the long 'o'. The end. And I love my name! I feel it's unique and beautiful, and I especially love hearing my name said by those with an accent. It makes it sound even prettier!
SonyaPJs  12/12/2017
Sonya is a character in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. Her full name is Sofya Semyonovna Marmeladova.
Morgan1599  12/17/2017
My name is also Sonya. I used to hate it when I was a kid because it was so different. As I got older I loved that it was different and how so many people responded so well to hearing my name. So many people pronounce my name in different ways. I now answer to all pronunciations. I get SAW-nya, SON-ya, SIHN-ya, Sandra, SON-dra, SON, Sandy, Casandra, Sophy. Lol my husband and his family pronounce my name SON-ya and they met a lifelong friend of mine who pronounces my name the way my family pronounces it and that is SIHN-ya. They said we have been pronouncing your name wrong for 15 years? Lol I said no I actually prefer SON-ya so its all good.
SonyanDenny  2/23/2018

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