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Listen to the German pronunciation of Sophia here:
_satu_  9/3/2006
So-FEE-a in American English and European languages, so-FY-a in British and at least some Commonwealth English.
Anneza  11/1/2006
Nowadays, Sophia is pronounced 'so-FEE-a' in Britain as in the US and everywhere else! So-FY-a is an outdated pronunciation that I have never heard, apart from the elderly who sometimes mispronounce my name.
aquamarina  11/14/2007
Sophia Myles pronounces her name So-FY-a on the commentary for Doctor Who, "The Girl in the Fireplace".
acacie  12/5/2008
My name is Sofiya and it is pronounced so-FY-a like in 'higher'.
Cynyslende  7/2/2007
The traditional English pronunciation of this name is [so-FYE-a], and this was the pronunciation used by the many British Princesses who bear this name.
Aki  9/9/2007
For our daughter SOPHIA (a family name) is pronounced with a long I sound (SO FIE A) as is the name of a street in our town. Our town has streets named after the English monarchy such as Sophia, Prince William, Elizabeth etc.
I assume that this must be the British pronunciation as everyone else seems to want to pronounce it with a short I (like Beet).
starflower57  1/2/2012
Greek pronunciation is either "so-FEE-yah" or "so-FEE-ah".
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  12/26/2016

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