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Pronounced SOR-ca or SUR-ha.
Mine  8/29/2006
It's pronounced "SOR-kha".
gaelruadh19  11/27/2006
More accurately pronounced as 'SURR-kha' with the last syllable being softer than it looks.
Lizdebiz  1/17/2007
It's actually pronounces SOR-ra.
nothingshortoftragic  2/10/2007
It's not Sor-ka, that is a very, very wrong pronunciation and it annoys me. It's pronounced Surr-i-ca.
Clodagh  10/27/2007
It is pronounced SUR-ik-a in phonetic English, not SOR-sha. Many people make this mistake.
GarbageGuy  5/11/2008
Well, my name's Sorcha and I can confirm that there are multiple pronunciations of the name used all the time! All are pretty much acceptable too! I use the version as if phonetically spelt SOR-A-KA, and then I usually use SORKA as a nickname.
sorcha3692  8/12/2008
It's pronounced SOR-sha. Very silly how people are coming up with surr-ik-a and other things- there's not even an I in there! I love this name, however.
― Anonymous User  1/27/2009
The "ch" in Gaelic is always pronounced "kh" as in "loch", never as in "Charlotte"; I speak Gaelic and I can say that it's pronounced "SOR-kha" or "SOR-i-kha" depending on the speaker. And the added (and actually half-pronounced most of the time) "i" sound is found in many Gaelic words to soften the pronunciation; "dearg" (JER-uk), "Donnchadh" (DAWN-ukh-a), "garg" (GAR-uk), "garbh" (GAR-uv), "doirbh" (DUR-uv), and the like.
gaelruadh19  1/28/2009
Gaelruadh19 is right, though it's more of a SOR-ik-ah than SOR-ka.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2009
It's Sor-i-ka!
clairabella  1/29/2009
My name is Sorcha, my mother and I pronounce it soar-sha. We both know that's wrong. But it's just another way to do it.
SorchaMary  2/23/2009
Here for pronunciation:

From Sorcha meaning "bright, radiant, light." Popular in the Middle Ages, the name has become popular again in recent years partly due to the success of the Irish actress Sorcha Cusack in Britain.
Ligeia  5/20/2010
My friend is named this and she says it's pronounced like sarah-ka but I suppose the pronunciation would vary.
audreybee  3/24/2012
The name Sorcha can be pronounced many ways but one of the ways to pronounce Sorcha is actually SORSHA I know this because Sorcha is my name and I pronounce it SORSHA. So anyone who is saying that SORSHA is the wrong way to pronounce Sorcha is wrong.
― Anonymous User  1/26/2014
Possibly pronounced "Sor-sha". Some suggest it's the Irish form of "Sarah". [noted -ed]
DRyelle  8/27/2014
My name. It's Irish & means "bright."

Pronounced "sor-uh-kha" with a slightly trilled R & a guttural "ch."
Sorcha56  8/22/2015
This is not and never should be pronounced Sor-sha or Sur-sha. It's either Sor-kha or Sor-u-kha. Just because you are pronouncing your own name wrong does not mean it's an acceptable alternative. You do not say Pierre as Pyre as an alternative. You do not say Jose as Joe's. You do not say Sorcha as Sorsha. You are not entitled to change a Gaelic language because of your own ignorance.
Quro  2/18/2016
My name is Sorcha Danay _____ and I am 14. Sorcha is originally spelled Sorsha, which is why so many people get confused. The 'c' in my name is supposed to be 's'. My mom got my name off Willow and wanted my name to be special, while my dad wanted my name to be spelled correctly. But if Sorcha is spelled with an S or a C it is still pronounced the same.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2016
My name's Sorcha and we've been pronouncing it with a hard "c" forever. But one of my Dad's friends is a professor of Gaelic language and said it's meant to have 3 syllables and should be pronounced "sur-uh-kah". Also, the way my name is pronounced means twat in Italian. Don't name your daughter Sorcha.
sorchajet  7/18/2016

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