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I like this spelling as well as Stacy and Stacie.
Luvbug86  9/19/2018
Although I've made the joke myself of "Staci with an I" being a trashy sounding name, I have to disagree. From my impression, and being a Staci-with-an-I myself, it's a name associated with popularity, vanity, etc. A lot of the cheerleader type characters in 70s and 80s movies are Stacys, and I don't believe that's just a coincidence. I think this name is fitting for someone in their youth, as it doesn't seem a well suited name for a person in their matured years. I especially dislike this name being used for men, it's definitely more feminine than masculine so the androgyny doesn't come across well enough to be considered a unisex name in my opinion. It does seem to be a retro name as I have come across very few Stacys (none of which were in my age range) The unfortunate reality of being a Stacy period, regardless of vowel placement, is that cheerleader connotation. I believe just by a first name basis that I'm written off as a ditz, or the ultra feminine type. However, a name and the opinions of others do not define the individual.
― Anonymous User  11/29/2017
I like Stacey. Staci looks like it should be pronounced Stassy.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2009
Well I like this spelling the best, it's a nice name.
disgurlcrazy  9/2/2008
I hate this name and any other spelling. It makes me think of geeky American girls.
― Anonymous User  9/1/2008
No offense, but this name really sounds like a trashy stripper. There are some Staci's out there who aren't this way, but that is just how I feel about this name and how it is spelled. I prefer Stacey.
Taydbug112  7/17/2007

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