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This is better then Stacy/Stacey/Stacie/Stasy/Stasie/Stacci/Staci/Stasi.
uh_so_cutee_cute  4/26/2016
My name is Stasia and I love the name, the best way to explain how I pronounce my name to people who are unfamiliar with it is "think of stay shut, and drop the t off the end." Stay-SHə.
StasiaRenfrow  5/1/2015
I imagined that the name was pronounced as stah-cee-uh, rather than stay-see-uh or stay-shuh.
genealogyaddict51  10/7/2014
Also short for Anastacia. If your name's Anastasia, I'd stick to Stasia.
ListenToAsuka  5/3/2010
I would imagine that one of the most common pronunciations of the name would simply be STAY-zhə, like the end of the full Anastasia - It is how I would want to pronounce it.
― Anonymous User  7/21/2009
I'm afraid this name sounds like a ghetto name if it isn't pronounced ''STAY-see-uh'', and that doesn't sound right either. Stacy sounds a bit too youthful in itself. I'd go for something else altogether.
slight night shiver  5/7/2008
That seems a bit harsh for the last half of a traditional name. In my opinion, ghetto would be Steaighchiya. But I'm biased.
srsand1  7/13/2008
My name. I adore it. It was either Stacia or Heather, and being born in the early 80s, it was most likely to be Heather. My mother, instead, chose to be creative and gave me the perfect name. Often mispronounced (people may think it's a typo, and there's really supposed to be an 'e' on the end), it is slightly more popular now. Or in any case, I find that people will say "I have a friend named Stacia." I've only met one other (who spelled hers Stasha). But I am very happy with my rare name.
srsand1  10/25/2005

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