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Actor Hayden Christensen's (Anakin Skywalker of Star Wars) full name is Sterling Hayden Christensen.
-- DiabloGuapo  5/31/2005
Hayden Christensen's full name is just Hayden Christensen, he doesn't have a middle name.
-- Lady_Skywalker  8/19/2008
Sterling is one of the characters from Leslie Marmon Silko's "Almanac of the Dead."
-- ars musica  2/5/2006
I know a girl named Sterling.
-- swisssugar  6/6/2006
My name is Sterling and I'm a guy. For all out there Sterling is a guy's name.
-- Anonymous User  10/22/2006
It's a very cool and interesting name!
-- DarkShizuka  11/11/2006
I love the meaning, but the name makes me think of silver and jewelers and jewelry cleaners.
-- dreadfulxsorry  11/16/2006
Sterlin North is the author of the children's book "Rascal", a book about a boy who finds and keeps a racoon as a pet.
-- Missy  12/26/2006
In the book "The Queen of Second Place", the main character's archenemy's name was "Sterling".
-- hereiamagainxx6  1/10/2007
British currency is Pound Sterling. It's like calling your son Dollar or Yen or Euro.
-- Anonymous User  1/19/2007
Really nice name, even though it's mostly for a boy I think naming your daughter this wouldn't be bad.
-- Anonymous User  1/25/2007
Nice boy name. I don't know how someone could think a girl would ever want to be named Sterling. I can just imagine the torture they would get.
-- Anonymous User  4/17/2007
Just a terrible name, boy or girl it's just bad.
-- stuckonstupid  10/29/2007
I know both a guy and a girl with this name and it fits them both very nicely. It really does depend on the bearer since it can go either way.
-- Anonymous User  1/5/2008
It sounds weird to me as a name. It makes me think of sterling silver, and the name has a rather ugly sound to it with the long schwa on the first syllable. And the -ing ending never really sounds good in names.
-- slight night shiver  5/7/2008
I know a girl named Sterling, but I still LOVE it for a boy.
-- Paris44  7/15/2008
ACTUALLY, my name is Sterling, and I am a GIRL. Okay! I am not embarrassed, it is a cool name to have and everyone loves it OKAY. So don't hate on my name, it is beautiful and I am proud.
-- Anonymous User  9/26/2008
Famous bearer Sterling Holloway, frequent voice actor for Disney. Provided the voice of the Chesire Cat in "Alice in Wonderland."
-- claraelizabethann  2/22/2009
Sterling Holloway is also famous as the voice of Winnie the Pooh.
-- noae  4/12/2009
Very handsome and masculine name. I love it (boy only)!
-- Beautiful Victory  11/8/2009
Way better for a boy than a girl.
-- D.Scott  11/17/2009
Sterling Knight, the Disney channel star from Sonny With a Chance. I really like the name and it sounds even nicer with his last name.
-- Liesl  2/16/2010
It's too bad that it's associated with Sterling silver and English money. I love the sound of Sterling, though it might be a bit heavy for a boy to bear. This name sounds scholarly, serious, and masculine. I'd hate to see Sterling on a female.
-- Athena Nike  3/27/2010
I must be crazy, because this name isn't masculine to me at all. Perhaps it's because I think of sterling silver and jewelry and the like, but to me, Sterling is feminine. I'm not sure how well a girl with the first name Sterling would fare in today's world, but I'd totally use it for a female character. I also think it makes a great feminine middle name.
-- erb816  12/21/2010
My paternal great grandfather's name was Sterling. (It was his moms maiden name.) I think it's really cool!
-- Chrila96  2/2/2011
My name is also Sterling and I'm a guy... I love my name.

I don't understand why some people here are saying they can't imagine the torture a girl would get for having the name Sterling. It sounds fine. It's pretty neutral in my opinion, although slightly more on the masculine side, and is a traditionally masculine name.
-- Anonymous User  7/4/2011
Sterling Archer is the main character on Archer.
-- mymymetrocard  9/30/2011
Stirling is also believed to be the township of Merlin lending credence to its possible meaning of the land of Merlin.
-- Sterlingisgold  3/12/2012
Sterling is an awesome name! It's uncommon but not unheard of, and I can see it on all ages fairly easily. There's no nicknames for it though, but that doesn't really matter anyway. Not everyone likes or wants to use nicknames. Overall, I think Sterling is an interesting and refreshing choice for a name :)
-- Oohvintage  3/2/2013
This was actually the nickname given to me by a good friend in middle school. The fact that it's also the name of British money doesn't bother me. I know about Sterling Silver, haha, and don't see anything wrong with that. We have people with similar names or named after places/jewels/colors so what's the difference?
-- EstherTester  4/23/2013
Wow, I am usually very against male names being used on females but in this case, I was surprised to find Sterling only listed as masculine! I know three female Sterling's and no male Sterling's, so naturally I thought it was either a girl name or at least unisex. I wouldn't have a problem using it for a boy or a girl.
-- mmcurliq42311  5/25/2013
Having the name Sterling is a duty, I hold my values high to be untarnished by society. That I can be a little star for others to help find there way.

I leave these ideals with you to be pondered.

"A name is more than a word "
-- Sterlingisgold  10/30/2013
Sterling is not mainly a guys name. I'm a girl and I love being named Sterling. It's extremely uncommon and people love how "pretty" the name Sterling is. I tend to get a few nicknames and I like them. Sterl the girl is by far one of my favorites. I get sterl, silver, ling, and a few others. I know two guys named Sterling. I do sometimes get mistaken for a guy on paper. But it's all apart of the life you lead when your name is as awesome as Sterling.
-- sterl_the_girl  8/31/2014

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