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I like Suzie and Suzi better than Susie.
― Anonymous User  12/15/2005
I like this as a dog's name (sorry to any Suzies out there).
mum2bubba  6/11/2006
I would have to say Suzie is more of a pet name or nickname for Suzanne, or Suzanna, not Susan or Susanna, that would be Susie. I have a bird named Sassafras Suzie. She loves it!
roxhai  3/6/2007
*sings* "Oh Suzie Q, Oh Suzie Q, Oh Suzie Q, baby I love you, Suzie Q"

We named our dog Suzie Q, I really prefer the name Suzie for a dog rather than a girl (no offense).
joanie2007  8/6/2007
Suzie is the name of Oskar's wife on the cartoon Hey Arnold.
Lolth  6/2/2013
My given name is Suzie. As a child I was called Suzie Q or Suze, I resented the fact most people would call me Susan or ask what my real name is. With that aside I love my name it's unique as an original name. I also have climbed the professional ladder and no one has ever made comments negatively basing their own experience with Suzie as a "child's name". I embrace this name and as I get older I will occasionally answer to Sue with close personal friends and family. If you're debating this name for your child... do it! Suzie's are awesome people!
SuzieQue  4/24/2017

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