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The name Svea is two syllables: Svay-ahh.
keladry12  11/17/2006
Svea was originally (during the 1600-1700's) ONLY used as a term for Sweden. It wasn't until the poet Tegnèr published his poem Svea in 1817 that it started getting used as a given name.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2007
The name of Sweden in modern Swedish is Sverige. Svea Rike is the old name, used several centuries ago.

Svea lives on, though, in the name of the central region of Sweden: Svealand. The southern region is called Götaland and the northern Norrland.
Tango  5/14/2007
Svea is not the word for Sweden in Swedish. [noted -ed]
izzaw  8/15/2008
Pronounced SVEH-ah.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2009
This is just the loveliest short name there is. I adore it. :)
Dragon_Clarinet  7/29/2011
I think this name is beautiful! Short and sweet and elegant.
nicole_1024  4/29/2012
I know a girl named Svea. Very pretty name, but she pronounces it suh-VAY-ah. Not as pretty as SVAY-ah...
Piplup_and_Petilil  1/25/2013
This name is absolutely beautiful! It's so exotic sounding, you don't often hear s and v together in sequence.
― Anonymous User  8/11/2013

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