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The correct pronunciation of Svetlana is svet-LAH-nah.
AndrewJKD  2/18/2006
Pronounced as "Sviet-lah-nah". Světlana´s pet forms are Světla, Svetty, Světka, Lana.
Karcoolka  5/26/2007
Slovak pronunciation is "SVEHT-LAH-nah".
Maggie_Simpson  9/15/2007
I love this name, but I also prefer the Croatian version- Svjetlana. Serbian pronunciation is SVET-la-nah, and Russian svet-LAH-nah. Pronunciation of Svjetlana is SVYET-la-nah.
enchy  9/24/2009
English pronunciation is "svyet-LAH-nah".
― Anonymous User  2/19/2011
In English it's more likely to be pronounced sweat-lana or they just look at the paper blankly and you tell them "just call me Lana".
Anonymous user  6/10/2012

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