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Wow! I thougt that it was impossible to say that! I mean SZCZepan... Impossible!
― Anonymous User  1/27/2006
It is pronounced sh-CH-epan.
― Anonymous User  4/15/2006
Roughly pronounced "Shchehpahn." The ch is as in "church," not "Bach."
― Anonymous User  9/12/2006
Don't name your kid this, so you can avoid sophistications. Anyway, the name sounds like a sneeze. It's a wonder how users even manage to find this name.
7up  2/4/2007
Cool name!
― Anonymous User  2/4/2007
I think it's nice, even though it's spelled different. And it would be interesting for people to try to read their names.
AudioXVampire  12/4/2007

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