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Tabby is a term used to refer to the pattern of a cat's fur.
― Anonymous User  1/4/2006
I like Tabby as a nickname for Tabitha, but only as a nickname. As a name on its own, it seems rather odd. Though, I think it would be a little funny if someone named Tabby liked cats.
Pippin  5/29/2008
I agree with the above comment. Tabby sounds too cutesy to be a name on its own. It also sounds like "tab" as in the key for indenting.
bananarama  6/27/2009
Like Felix, this is a better name for a cat than a human.
Hushpuppy  7/1/2009
My daughter's name is Tabby, just Tabby. It's not short for anything so obviously I love the name and my dear Tabby loves it too. Because the name sounds silly to the naked ear I gave her the middle name Camille so she can go by that if she wants to. So far she has kept Tabby and is now 8. Before my daughter came into my life when someone said Tabby I thought of cats, but now I think of love.
Tatumarore  4/30/2017

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