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This name is also well used in Polynesia. In Maori, this word has different meanings depending on the usage, but as a name it means "the tide".
-- taitoki  3/13/2005
Tai can be short for Tawanisia (I think that's how it's spelled).
-- ringer007  5/18/2006
Tai Yagami is one of the principal caracters in the TV searies "Digimon".
-- 6diablesse6  11/26/2006
"Tai" means "very big" in Chinese? Since when? It just means "too," as in "excessively."
-- Hart  1/23/2007
"Tai" definitely means "big", too. Hands down. In modern Chinese, people use this word as "excessively" , "very" or whatever, but originally it means "very big" or "great". My name is Jin Tai Xiong (sounds like jin - tie - shong) and this name means "The Great Man".
-- Anonymous User  9/2/2008
In Romanian "tăi" (pronounced like English "tie") means "yours."
-- Anonymous User  6/23/2007
In Korean, this name sounds like "tei" like in "TAYlor". I love this name not only because this is my name (I spell it TAE though), but because it has a great meaning, it has an impression of being masculine, trustworthy and strong. My first son is definitely going to be Tae.
-- Anonymous User  9/2/2008
I was looking through Chinese names for a story I'm writing, and a character's name is Tai-Wen. Literally, the name means "big culture and literacy," but I see that as a reflection of his sheer ambition, and slightly pompous nature.
-- erb816  4/26/2009
Tai Babilonia is an American pair skater (born 1959 in Los Angeles, California).
-- Anonymous User  7/21/2012
I find the name Tai really awesome and cool! I always think of the character Tai off Digimon (his name's short for Taichi). ;)
-- InazumaElevenFangirl  10/19/2014

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