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I love this name, it sounds like the English 'Tamara', a girl I know. But its meaning treasure will probably make someone called Takara feel really special.
rhiannon4  5/16/2006
This is the name of a MALE character in Moe Kare.
VampireTears  7/12/2009
Pronounced TAH-ka-ra.
Siratrem  4/21/2013
According to, from 1989-2003, 254 boys (0.006%) and 80 girls (0.002%) recorded in their data were given the kanji 宝, which, as a name, would mostly be read as Takara.
A less common way to write Takara is 宝良. 30 boys (0.0007%) and 2 girls (0.00005%) recorded in their data were given these kanji that make up Takara from 1989-2003.
When written in hiragana, as たから, it is almost exclusively given to girls.

So, it seems that this name should be listed as unisex (masculine & feminine as opposed to feminine & masculine). [noted -ed]
m4yb3_daijirou  1/28/2016
This name is cute, but also formal in a way, if that makes sense. Though I'll admit, it seems more like a last name. (Maybe because it was on some anime character I knew from a few years ago..)
mememan28  5/13/2018

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