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One of the main characters of the BioWare videogame series, Mass Effect, is an alien named Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, who is a member of the quarian species. She is one of the original members of Commander Shepherd's team and helped defeat Sovereign and Harbinger and to fight the Reapers. She is a quarian machinist with technical and small arms skills.
Ora  2/28/2011
Not exactly a famous bearer, but on the hit TV series NCIS, one of the main characters, Ziva David, mentions having a deceased younger sister named Tali.
Black_X  10/30/2011
My Full name is Taliesin and I'm a girl but I've always been called Tali for short, pronounced tally.
Taliesin  2/13/2015
Said as Tah-lee (Rhymes with Molly, Polly, Holly, Kali, Dolly).
― Anonymous User  2/27/2016

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