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Sounds like the Persian word for cantaloupe, Talibi.
shadex  7/27/2006
Taliba sounds like a feminine form of the word talib, which is someone who is part of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan. I'll admit that Taliban is the first thing I think of when I see this name. I advise AGAINST naming your daughter this.
vendredie  12/31/2007
Taliba is the Arabic word for female student (male student = talib). I've never heard it used as a name.

The word Taliban comes from Arabic talib (student) and the Pashto plural ending -an, so it literally means "students." When I learned the word for student in my Arabic class, I immediately thought of the Taliban. Perhaps the reason I have never seen this name is because its usage declined since the emergence of the Taliban.
Radoslava_F  4/12/2008

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