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Good name for a sexy female mercenary or some kind of superhero with cat powers, but I would hesitate naming a human child this.
-- Raymondmorgenthau  11/28/2008
I could never name a child this; I would only be able to think of an owl's foot.
-- avalah  1/3/2009
Sounds cool, but then again it's a bird's toenail.
-- number1212  1/27/2009
A main character in the Raymond E. Feist series "Conclave of Shadows" is named Talon of the Siver Hawk.
-- Nyx  3/24/2009
Talon sounds incredibly stupid as a given name. Why would you name your kid after a bird's claw? And of course it's part of the trend of giving boys violent names. I'll pass.
-- bananarama  8/29/2009
This is the name of Malon's father in the Legend of Zelda series.
-- Anonymous User  10/27/2009
For a character or a police dog, sure it sounds like a tough and kick-butt name, but as for naming a human this, no thanks I'll pass.
-- _0TophasNails_1  12/11/2009
A main character in Neal Shusterman's Downsiders was named Talon.
-- DISK  12/22/2009
This is what I named my son although I spell it Tallon. I think it is a strong unique name and do not think of it simply as a birds toenail but as its predatory claw it uses on prey (but not not in a morbid way). It's unique.
-- skytal  1/17/2010
I don't understand why Talon's listing on here is strictly male, and not unisex. Honestly, when I think of a Talon, or someone's nail, a feminine image pops into my head. I still don't think I'd use the name in real life, though, because I'd basically be naming my kid "claw"--although I do think it's more feminine than masculine. Maybe for a character...?
-- erb816  12/28/2010
Talon Karrde is a smuggler in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Talon Karrde was the employer of Mara Jade when she first met Luke Skywalker.
-- fon_solo  1/9/2011
Talan Torriero was a "character" on the 2004 MTV series "Laguna Beach".
-- Anonymous User  1/29/2011
I think this name is AWESOME! Are you people crazy? Lol. Well everyone is entitled to their opinion. Nothing feminine about this name at all. It's a predatory type name. Makes me think of a very manly man who would enjoy the outdoors. AWESOME name!
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2011
In the localized English version of Sengoku Basara (Devil Kings), ninja Sasuke Sarutobi is named "Talon."
-- Rin_0911  10/22/2012
Love this name but noticed its popular so I cannot use it anymore.
-- jazzycritique  5/18/2013
There's a variant, Talyn, used in the Australian sci fi show, Farscape.
-- Anonymous User  1/21/2014
Think twice before naming your son a body part of a bird. Not at all appealing. It's like naming you child Dishwasher or Canvas. Just a word... not a name.
-- flamingrubyred  6/6/2014

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