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Tamar means "date" (as in the fruit) or "date palm", not palm tree in general. [noted -ed]
palmaceae  12/6/2017
Tamar Kaprelian is an Armenian American musician and singer. She is best known for her single "New Day" and for winning the Cover Contest in March 2008 with "Apologize" by OneRepublic. She was selected to be part of Genealogy, a collective Armenian international music band to represent Armenia in 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna with the song "Face the Shadow".
cutenose  1/8/2017
The name Tamar was given to 82 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/14/2016
My name is Tamar. It is pronounced tuh-mar. A lot of people pronounce it as Tamra, Tay-mar, etc. It gets annoying because I think it's pretty easy and self explanatory when you look at it. It sounds exactly like it looks. I have to constantly correct people on my name but I'd rather have a different name than a super popular one. I've grown to like it and hope to pass it down to my next daughter one day.
Tamar  4/3/2016
Singer Tamar Braxton has this name. She pronounces it like 'tay-mar'. She is the sister of singer Toni Braxton.
MerraDelp  7/24/2012
In response to those who think of the biblical origins of Tamar as tragic, I must disagree. While the first Tamar was put in a bad situation by the men in her life, she took matters into her own hands and fixed it. I find it to be a story of a strong woman standing up for herself and her rights. As for the second Tamar, as someone already noted, she would have been a direct descendant of the first one, so it would have been normal for her to have been named after her. (Anyone else have a middle or first name after family?)
Brandi not Brandy  1/18/2012
Tamar is one of several British rivers whose ancient name is assumed to be derived from a prehistoric river word apparently meaning "dark flowing" and which it shares with the River Thames.
― Anonymous User  1/3/2012
This name in English (Britain) is pronounced TAY-mahr. As in the River Tamar which separates the English counties of Devon and Cornwall.
― Anonymous User  8/27/2011
Well, my name is Tamar but it's spelled TaMar (like Tae Mahr) but my first name is Joy TaMar, it is different and I love it. There were two women in the Bible named Tamar (Thamar). The first was the mother of Judah's twin sons Pharez and Zarah (Jesus Christ is from the line of Pharez). She's one of the only women mentioned in the lineage of Jesus. She was widowed by her father in law's sons (Judah), dressed up like a harlot and became pregnant by him and gave him two sons (Pharez and Zarah (Genesis 38)). The second was Tamar, who was a princess and one of David's daughters. (I think she was probably named after her ancestor Tamar :) This was the one who was raped by her half brother Amnon. (2 Samuel 13) I used to think this name had a bad rep because of what happened to both of these women. But this is the name I have and I think it's beautiful and I've come to realize that even though I share their name I don't share their tragedies. The only problem is that people can't pronounce it right some say Tamar like (TuhMahr) and that's annoying. My name has a long "a" so it sounds short. Nevertheless, I love my name and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.
JoyTaMar  8/25/2011
My name -Tamia- is basically Tamar translated to English, although not a direct translation. Either way, I would much rather having Tamar as a name, it's so beautiful!
lonelyloner  6/13/2010
Also the name of the river in between the counties of Devon and Cornwall in England, UK.
hannahburtie  4/16/2009
This name is beautiful (in my opinion, much better than Tamara), but I could never name my child this simply because of the biblical story. She was raped by her half-brother (I think his name was Amnon?), and because of that she was no longer a virgin, and no longer able to marry. She wound up living a rather desolate life with her other brother, and that one tragedy--which was NOT her fault--wound up ruling her entire life.

It's entirely too depressing a story for me to name my daughter this, despite the beauty of the name.
erb816  3/17/2009
Tamar is the code name for Christiaan Boogart in the book Tamar by Mal Peet.
bibi66  8/25/2008
I would pronounce it tah-mahr or maybe even tah-MAHR, but it's definitely not tay-mahr.
Lily8  8/6/2008
I have five daughters (which is enough, believe me), and I called the third Tamar. I like it so much better than Tamara, which seems more common.
― Anonymous User  6/12/2008
Tamar is also a biblical character, at least in the English translation of the bible. I love this name.
susiejean  5/22/2008
In Hebrew this is pronounced tah-MAHR.
JuliaF  7/22/2007
I find myself liking this name, for some strange reason. When I first saw it, I was like, "Tamar? No. Wait, actually, that doesn't sound bad at all. I like this name!" Yeah, I'm weird and blonde like that. Wait, I'm brunette.
Georgia_kh  4/11/2007
"Tamar" is also the word for the fruit of the palm tree, in other words "date".
LilyFair  3/10/2007
So pretty!
Jasmine  3/3/2007
The River Tamar forms the border between Devon and Cornwall in South West England.
The book “Tamar” by Mal Peet won the Carnegie medal for 2005. The main character is a girl named Tamar after the river.
― Anonymous User  11/3/2006
The river-name Tamar is ancient Celtic, possibly meaning 'the dark one' or simply 'the river'. There are several other British rivers whose names have the same root-meaning; the Thames (Latin Tamesis) in London, the Team in County Durham, the Thame in Buckingham/Oxfordshire, and finally the Tame, of which there are three, in Warwickshire/Staffordshire, Yorkshire/Cheshire and North Yorkshire.
― Anonymous User  4/11/2007
The Hebrew pronunciation is tah-mahr.
Miss Claire  7/30/2006
Tamar was also a virgin goddess of ancient Georgia in eastern Europe. She was connected with the sky, the weather, and the seasons.
Sarah Charlotte  2/3/2005

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