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My first name is Tammi. I was named after Tammy Wynette, but my mother spelled mine and my sister's names a little different from the original spelling because she wanted us to have a unique quality. I love my name and the fact it's not spelled the same as every other Tammy. You have to spend time getting to know me instead of just writing my name the common ways. I've also heard from many people that I don't act like all the Tammy's they have met, I'm more independent and friendly. My response is: well I'm an I not a y, so I never leave you asking questions! I am a charismatic, faithful, loving, intellectual, funny, giving, hard working woman. I'm not a short version or nickname of Tamara.
Faithful believer  6/20/2018
Tammi means "oak" in Finnish.
Essi  5/28/2008

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