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The name Tammy is an old Hebrew name.
-- jadan  3/22/2005
Personally, this name conjures up images of a really ditzy, frivolous, superficial woman of loose morals; I do not like it. "Tammy" sounds silly enough as is.
-- gaelruadh19  10/6/2005
My given name is Tammy and I find it atrocious that someone would stereotype any person because of their name. And to same someone with this name is "ditzy" and a "superficial woman with loose morals"; I suppose your name is Candy, Kitty or something equally cheap. Didn't your mother ever tell you not to judge a book by it's cover. Don't judge a person by their name.
-- gekha  1/5/2006
My name is Tamara, but I go by Tammy. I am a blue eyed brunette, but I must say that almost every other female I've ever met or seen with this name is blonde--natural or bottled.
-- tambug  1/13/2006
Tammy Wynette was one of the greatest women in country music. One of her greatest songs "Stand by Your Man" was also one of the biggest selling hit singles by a woman in the history of the music genre.
-- audreyhubley  8/5/2006
A closer look will tell you that on the TV show "The Fairly Oddparents", Tammy is Timmy Turner's future daghter.
-- Anonymous User  8/20/2006
I think this name is cute but I wouldn't use it as a given name. But I also can't find any good names that have Tammy as a nickname.
-- Anonymous User  8/25/2006
Tammy is a brand name (fashion store).
-- Luangi  12/4/2006
On the soap opera Guiding Light Cassie Winslow's late daughter's name is Tammy.
-- Anonymous User  8/24/2007
Tammy does (and yes it's stereotypical and I apologise) remind me of a blonde (not ditzy though). I think it's a nice name, I wouldn't use it as a main name, maybe a middle name.
-- Anonymous User  10/5/2007
Well I would have to say being someone with the name Tammy myself, I find it sometimes boring, and feel it doesn't fit me. I have really dark hair, green eyes, and am decently intellectual. I'm not the "preppy" type and I don't run with the "mainstream" I wear very dark clothing all the time, I have piercings, and prefer the darker side of things. I will have to agree though when someone says the name "Tammy" even though it is mine, I'm always thinking of someone who is blonde, blue eyed, and very outgoing. Mainly going along with the movies Tammy Falls in Love or Tammy and the Doctor (who my mother says she named me after.)
-- avracadaverfem1  12/16/2007
This name sounds too youthful to me, and it always makes me think of rather unintelligent country girls. I don't like Tamara either, but this name actually sounds less trashy to me, believe it or not. It would be better to go by another nickname if your name actually is Tamara, like Tam or Mara. But anyway, this isn't a mature or sophisticated name at all.
-- slight night shiver  5/8/2008
Tammy at British Home Stores is a clothing range for teenagers in the UK.
-- rachypiesheepbaa  1/19/2009
Well, let's get rid of the stereotypes right now. Yes, I was named after the character in the Tammy and the Bachelor, Doctor, etc. Movies. I am not blonde. Redhead, actually. Tammy is my given name - not Tamara or any other form of the name. Friends and acquaintances often tell me that I can be intimidating because of my intellect, so we can dispel of the ditzy portion of the stereotype now. Apparently I've been a bit sheltered because I've never felt my name seemed ditzy or implied that I was less intelligent, independent or strong.
-- seriously  11/23/2009
My mom's name is Tammy. She is not blonde, she has dark brown hair and green eyes. She's not ditzy or preppy, she's very mellow and down to earth, extremely smart. I think it's really immature to judge someone by their name. My name is Scarlett, does that make me a slut? No. I think the name Tammy fits my mom, and it could fit anyone who carries it well.
-- SummerSerenades  12/30/2009
My best friends name is Tammy and she has nothing to do with "country, stupid or trashy." Not. At. All. She's gorgeous, smart and extremely moral. What really gets on my nerves is when people think they are so "worldly" and "intelligent" and then they proceed to stereo-type everyone that's different than they are, which proves nothing except how ignorant they themselves are. Tammy is a super cute name.
-- Anonymous User  5/20/2011
On the show "Parks and Recreation", Ron has 2 ex-wives named Tammy, and his mother is also named Tamara (Tammy for short).
-- bibi66  9/8/2012
I'm Tammy, red hair, blue eyes, not ditzy, have morals... enough for myself and 3 or 4 friends actually. Mom named me for that same 50's character... I hope that chick got paid! I was born in Iowa, so I guess the "country" thing is right... but we moved to Southern California when I was 2 so doesn't that cancel out the Iowa thing? Of course my middle name is Sue... so that might cancel out the California thing... eh, whatever, my husband and kids love me... that's all that matters.
-- wow really  7/22/2014
I'm a Tammy... plain, ordinary ~ Tammy. I'm a brunette, I'm educated, I'm outgoing, and I never had the urge to change my name. I'm not ditzy, but I can be. I'm fun (so I'm told), and I have a kind heart (again, so I'm told). My mother and daddy named me after Tammy Wynette and the Tammy and the Professor/Doctor/etc. Movies. To be sure that they liked the name, they named their dog Tammy before I was born.
I resent the negative comments and believe that those who base their assumption of me based on my name, well, are fools.
So there!
-- Tammykins  9/20/2014

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