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I'm from New Zealand which is the only country that speaks Maori and Tane is pronounced TAH-nee.
-- AshJ  1/2/2006
Tane means "seed" in Japanese.
-- Anonymous User  2/28/2006
"Tane" means "piece" in Turkish.
-- Anonymous User  3/16/2006
Tane comes from the name Tanemahuta who is the caregiver of the forest. Tane is pronounced TAH-neh, but don't emphisize the the h at the end. Also Tangata means man which is a common Maori name.
-- Anonymous User  5/18/2006
Can also be pronounced tah-NAY.
-- AshJ  7/1/2006
I find pronunciation difficult. I only heard of this name today when I saw a boy in my son's grade 1 class with this name.
-- Anonymous User  9/12/2006
I know of a little boy with this name and he pronounces it rhyming with the word Sane.
-- Anonymous User  12/11/2006
I'm from New Zealand and as it says above, it is not pronounced TAH-nee. It is pronounced Tah-neh, the 'neh' should be pronounced as the same sound you make when you say 'net'.
-- O Maoileoin  7/8/2007
Pronounced Tahn-ay.
-- rooster  10/7/2007
Quit bastardising the Maori language. It's not pronounced TAH-nee, TAH-nay or Tahn-ay. It doesn't rhyme with sane either. It's tah-neh as those who know their Maori have already pointed out.
-- Anonymous User  10/2/2008
Pronounced TAH-nay.
-- Anonymous User  6/9/2009
If I'm right, there was a New Zealand international rugby player called Tane Randall whose name was always pronounced by the TV and radio commentators to rhyme with 'main'.
-- Anneza  6/9/2010
Tane is also a Japanese name for girls, which means "seed". I am not sure how it is pronounced.

Tane is also an English surname derived from Cornish and Welsh that means "house" and pronounced TAYN that has been used as a first name for both males and females.

Unfortunately, it is also an obscene slang term for the female anatomy.
-- keepitreal  1/28/2011
There are heaps of guys I know call Tane. Its pronounced Ta-neh. Theres a guy in my class who spell his Taine so everyone knows to pronounce it tayne. Rhyming with sane. But theres a Tane who pronounces his normally like Tah-neh. And another Tayne who spells his Tane. Pretty confusing but the teacher just asks how youd rather it. I wouldnt call my son this its too commom where I live. I also know another Taine.
-- DidiGiraffe  8/16/2011

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