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It means mischievous in African, but I'm not sure which language.
-- Anonymous User  8/7/2005
Pronounced tah-nee-shuh.
-- Anonymous User  12/9/2005
My name is Tunesha. My father named me after the country Tunisia. All of the variant spellings I have encountered belong to women whose parents had the same motivation in their choice, changing the spelling because people have a hard time saying Tunisia (I actually met a girl with the original spelling and no one said her name correctly. Always saying 'Too-nee-see-a' instead of 'Too-neezsha'. It doesnt exactly roll of the tounge.)
So if you want to really find the root of the name, discover what 'Tunis' means =]
-- cybele  11/6/2008
We named our daughter "Taneisha". She has just turned three. She's very clever for her age and outspoken and confident. We live comfortably. So no, not from the ghetto. Do not think it is trashy at all. I would never have given my daughter a name if I thought it was! My husband chose her name and I love it.
-- justice  12/12/2008
I think the name is pretty, but I think that it works well as a nickname. Despite the fact that it's not always true, when the majority of people hear this name, they think of the ghetto.
-- ellie5132  12/16/2008
Tanisha Mukherjee is an Indian Bollywood actress. She is also the sister of Kajol Devgan.
-- muskastt9  11/9/2013
Anything with the suffix "sha" sounds ghetto to me, sorry. Tanya is a nice name, Tanisha is not.
-- Alexanna  5/31/2014
Anything with the suffix "sha" sounds ghetto to me, sorry. Tanya is a nice name, Tanisha is not.
-- Alexanna 5/31/2014

How about Natasha? I think it's a very classy name. Or at least used to be, before the suburban American yuppies started to use it on their offspring although they had absolutely no relation to Russia.
-- angolmois  1/5/2017
Origin: Hausa, meaning "born on Monday".
-- jaycravn  3/12/2017

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