Tara is the name of a close friend of mine who I've known since I was three, so I am a bit biased to like this name. However, I think it is extremely pretty, short but sweet, and I like the pronunciation TAH-ra best. The meaning of "star" is so beautiful, and for some reason I prefer Tara to other names with this meaning, like Stella, Astrid, etc. My friend Tara is half Mauritian and has a dark complexion and I think her name really suits her. More baby girls should be given the name Tara!
BeccyLeader2  5/31/2020
Beautiful name. I like the Sanskrit pronunciation (tah-rah) more. The English pronunciation tends to make it sound like Terra.
― Anonymous User  8/27/2018
'Tara' means 'star' in Persian language.
babak  6/21/2012
I like the Sanskrit meaning of the name Tara (from which my mother got the name Taryn). I used it to make my email address name of starflower. The flower part coming from my love of gardening.
starflower57  1/1/2012
This is the name of Tara Gilesbie, the genius writer of notorious Harry Potter fanfic, "My Immortal".
― Anonymous User  12/29/2008
The Sanskrit based version of this name is pronounced Tah-Rah or Tar-Uh-- unlike the other, more popular version.

I would also like to say that this is my name, and I adore it. It's unique, sounds nice, and has such a positive meaning behind it. The only problem I have encountered is that in the United States, where I grew up, a lot of people don't pronounce it right after I introduce myself - lots of people call me Terra. It's not that much of a problem though, I just got used to correcting people.
shellwhispers  6/22/2008
Main character in "Kama Sutra" by Mira Nair was Tara.
lizka  5/25/2008
Director Dušan Rapoš and actress Eva Vejmělková have a daughter Tara, born 2000.
MaggieSimpson  5/20/2008
I thought it was of Middle Eastern origin! Not Sanskrit or something! I dunno.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2006
No Tara is Sanskrit. It's a Hindu name meaning it would originate from Sanskrit (well DUH.) My great-great aunty was called Tara and Tara is common in my family on my mums-dads (or my grandad's side of the family). I like it and I would definitely consider it for a name. It can also be an English name (I'm Anglo-Indian and my hubby is Irish) and I would say it makes the perfect name.
Koolgal  4/4/2007
This name backwards is a rat! (-;
― Anonymous User  7/2/2006
Tara is probably related to the Persian word for star: Setareh (seh-taw-REH).
― Anonymous User  5/18/2006
My mother was born in India (Hindu) and her parents named her TARA (STAR in meaning). Until now I was thinking it is very ethnic name that belongs to Hindu culture. But ha..ha I found it now as an international name. I am so happy that my mom's name is popular everywhere. I called my mom to tell her that, and she was just giggling over a phone.
RUPA  2/4/2006
The name was used on the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for Willow's witch companion who although quiet is in fact very wise and in tune with her surroundings.
elfinholly  2/1/2006
TARA, in Buddhist/Hindu/Jain/Tibetan/Indian mythology, was a goddess of self-mastery. She was the first woman to become what is known as a buddha or an enlightened one. She devoted her mortal life to gaining enlightenment and spiritual wisdom. She appears in twenty-one forms. Tara answers the prayers of all who call her name.
ditchvictory  10/17/2005

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