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This was the name given to Jennifer Connelly's character in the film Higher Learning. The character was a very strong and admirable female role model. I chose Taryn as my middle name when I changed it legally, and my choice was in reference to this character.
dantswn  12/11/2004
The name of singer Romina Power's sister is Taryn.
alberto  12/12/2004
Taryn Manning is an American actress. She also has a band with her brother called BoomKat.
Charlie1977  10/26/2005
I think this name is beautiful! Not just because I have it. I love the name, it is feminine yet a strong name! More people should have this name!
Taryn Pieper  10/30/2005
I've seen this name before as "Tarin" with an "i" and used for a boy.
Arowen Half-Elven  12/21/2005
I think this name can be pronounced TER-in, too, as the name Tara is often pronounced TER-a.
Silversliver  5/19/2006
This name does not appeal to me whatsoever.
― Anonymous User  5/20/2006
Taryn in Hebrew means - she will sing, or she'll be full with happiness.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2006
I've also seen this name spelled as 'Tarinne', although I've only met one person who spells their name like this. I personally think 'Tarinne' is a more feminine spelling.
sumboD  6/8/2006
Such a pretty name, not my favourite, but still wonderful.
Yippal  10/21/2006
NO it CAN'T be pronounced TERIN and I've never heared TARA being pronounced Tera either. You must be American! I like this name and if I have a daughter I might call her Taryn but my husband say it sounds too much like Darren.

On it said it was an Irish name and ment Irish hill. This was last year when I was pregnant and now it says it's an American name what makes me not want to like it as much, but still can't help liking it.
lacey24  1/31/2007
I love the name Taryn. I was 8 months pregnant and watching a movie. When they rolled the credits at the end, I saw the name Taryn flash by. That was it. I loved it. Taryn Nicole. And I am so glad that it is not very common nor popular. Yet, you know, a lot of people say they really like it. Only bad thing, you always have to spell it. I like it for the female gender, not the male. Too feminine for a boy to have a name "Taryn" in my opinion.
taryns mom  2/6/2007
My name is Taryn. My middle name is Nicole (weird, huh? "taryns mom" posted that, if that's my mom ... strange. Lol. But she didn't get it from a movie) It's a unique name, and I love it now, but I used to hate it so much, with a passion. My French teacher pronounces it like tah-reen, but when I finally told her after 1 and a half years, that it seriously seriously bugged me she KIND OF tried to pronounce it but she pronounces it tuh-rin now. And my favorite substitute teacher had a hard time with it the first couple of days we had him, but he finally got it. So it's a pretty name, but sometimes I have to tell people the actual pronunciation of it.
taryn___  2/13/2007
The only way I've heard Taryn pronounced is TAIR-in. I have to say I prefer it that way then to TAR-in.
ekatz7  2/14/2007
I remember reading from different books and online sources that Taryn actually has several meanings - one, obviously, is from Tara, an Irish name. I also saw some Hindu and Arabic influences in the pronunciation of "Taryn", but ultimately I think it is given as a name in the West due to the Irish name popularity. It's my name, and although I have to spell it for people often, I love it, and I love the uniqueness it gives me on a name badge in the workplace.
nightshade1988  9/23/2007
I love this name. I prefer it pronounced TAIR-in, like Karen. TAH-rin sounds too masculine, like Taran, which is a good name, but for a girl, I think Taryn is prettier pronounced TAIR-in. That's how I've also heard it.
harry_sent_me  11/1/2007
The actor Tyrone Power named his daughter Taryn in 1953. I always assumed he'd invented it as a female form of Tyrone - I'd be interested to know if it was in use before then.
Pie  11/16/2007
A kid in my aunt's kindergarten classroom (she's a teacher) is named Tarryn (spelled with two R's). That was the first I ever heard of the name, and I thought it sounded really cool. I thought it sounded like a good name for a brave hero in a fantasy book. However, I was never told if this Tarryn was a boy or a girl, and I assumed the student was a boy. I was quite surprised to find out that she was a girl. The name seems far too masculine to me. I like it spelled with the two R's, possibly because it makes it look more complete to me, but also maybe because of the kid who I learned the name from. It's a really cool name.
Pippin  3/28/2008
It's the name of Marny Kennedy's (from Mortified) sister.
ArcticSnowgirl  5/18/2008
Minor suggestion: "Teryn" is probably an alternate spelling of Taryn, but does not come up in a name search here. Teryn appears to have a significant popularity.
doug123btn  7/1/2008
Taryn is a Celtic name, meaning Irish hillside.

It is also a Greek name, meaning innocent.
Aisling  8/2/2008
Love this name! Such a nice alternative to Tara. I like it better spelt Tarryn, though, with two R's, and pronounced like Karen but obviously with a T. Didn't know the name existed until last year when I got an e-mail from my geometry teacher and saw the headers. I adored this teacher. I absolutely love this name and am trying to figure out how to use it in a story of mine sometime in the near future.
a_lovers_charm  11/20/2008
According to wiki:
"'Taryn' is a unisex name of various meanings and origins. It is found in a variety of cultures and ethnicities, its meaning is dependent on culture:

* Scots-Gaelic: Tender/Innocent
* Irish-Gaelic: Rocky Hill
* Norse-Celtic: Thunder
* Latin: Of the Earth
* English: Rock
* Greek: The Reaper
* Hebrew: Wild Goat
* Arabic: To Carry
* Sanskrit: Young
* Greco-Roman: Queen
* Scandinavian: Little Princess"
― Anonymous User  8/19/2009
My name is Taryn and it is a very old name. Is Irish/Gaelic meaning "Beautiful Hillside".
― Anonymous User  1/2/2010
My best friend has this name, but she spells is Taren (like Karen with a T). I've also known several Taryn's, and a boy who spelled it Taran. All of them pronounce it TARE-IN.
wbbuff  2/24/2010
It's always pronounced TER-in where I live. I don't like it, it sounds trashy.
Chrila96  11/11/2010
I do have a bit of a soft spot for it, as it's relatively uncommon and more unique than "Tara" or "Taylor".
Black_X  2/23/2011
There are two primary sources for the name Taryn, and neither of them are remotely related to the etymology given here, which the real etymologies predate by some 2300 years.

As a female name Taryn derives from the Irish name Tara, via a curious amalgamation of ideas. Tara was the geographical name of the mythological seat of the ancient Irish kings, from the Gaelic 'tor' (as in 'Glastonbury Tor', "hill, mound"; this also gave us the word 'tower') and the Old English 'torr' ("rocky hill"); via the Welsh 'twrr' ("pile") and probably the Ancient Greek 'týrris' ("tower"). When the Celts were introduced to Greco-Roman mythology they assimilated Diana, the Greco-Roman goddess of the hunt, and relocated her to Tara where her name evolved from Diana to Dana, Tana, and eventually Tara... the mythic power of the place combined with the mythic power of the foreign goddess to create a new Celtic deity - the druidic goddess Tara - and the Celts had a new and auspicious name for their daughters.

Interestingly the feminine name Tara didn't evolve into Taryn until after the appearance of Taryn as a masculine name. Also interestingly that name too has Welsh origins.

As a male name Taryn derives from the Welsh name Tarrant, via Old Welsh 'taranau' ("to thunder") and 'taran' ("thunder"). This may have also given us the English name Trent via Celtic 'tarrent' ("trespasser"), their name for what eventually became known as the River Trent in NW England, which overflowed when there were big storms - hence the 'thunder' association. The Celts adopted the Welsh name for their god of thunder 'Taranis' ("thunder"), via the proto-Celt 'toranos' (still "thunder") which also influenced the name of the Norse thunder god, Thor. Over time this evolved from Taranis to the Gaelic 'Taran' and eventually to the Irish 'Tuireann' and the Anglo/English 'Taryn'.

From there the name split along two divergent paths. Before returning to Welsh as 'Taryn' (still "thunder"), which became a moderately popular masculine name within Wales but was rarely used for males elsewhere, it recombined with the Irish name (and concept) 'Tara', changing it too to 'Taryn', a much more popular feminine name that is used throughout the English-speaking world but is most prevalent in the Commonwealth.
bennypendentes  4/23/2011
My name is Tarynne Nichole. My name is pronounced like Karen but with a T and a few extra letters. My mom's name is Tara so she made my name sound like hers. It's a pain in the butt sometimes because people always misspell it or try to read it and pronounce it that way, but I love my name because it is unique.
Tarynne  5/31/2011
Taryn could be a variant of Tara, mixed with names like Caryn or Erin. It's definitely not Scandinavian for "little princess". Little princess is "liten prinsessa" in Swedish and "lille prinsesse" in Danish and Norwegian.
Caprice  3/6/2012
Absolutely horrid name, but that's not the point.

I don't think it should be linked to Tara for many reasons. Maybe when Tara became popular as a name, people came up with Taryn, but historically... no...

The Welsh word for thunder is taranau. So, erm... no.

Furthermore, there is NO evidence that Taryn is anything other than a made up name... It sure as HELL isn't Latin or anything other than a made up English name... and those "meanings" cited on the wiki page that anyone can edit? They're made up too.

It's a bit like saying Neveah (a similar trashy, made-up name) means 'beautiful sylph' and is ancient Aramaic.
You're fooling nobody, and making meanings up for a name doesn't make it so.
― Anonymous User  11/22/2014
My daughter's name is Taryn and she was born in 1976. The name is from Tyrone Power & his wife Linda who called their daughter Taryn in 1953.
Mrsd  3/14/2015
I've never liked this name. There was always something about it I never liked. I know 2 Taryns. They're not bad people but they can both be obnoxious, like this name. It fits them well.
― Anonymous User  10/17/2015
When used for a boy, this name means 'thunder'.
...Grace...  5/11/2016
My name is Taryan. Yes, different spelling than most people would see or even use if they name their daughters with this name. I happen to love my name and its spelling. It is different and unique! Yes, most people have trouble pronouncing my name when they see it spelled, but despite that I am happy my dad spelt my name the way he did. I am glad to have a not so ordinary name. I generally tell people to say it like Karen but with a T. Not really sure why this name, or any other name would bother people so much. I realize it's not for everyone, but hey, you don't have this name so why should you hate it so much?! I could understand it if you had the name and didn't like it.
tary_ann  5/16/2016
I received my name Taryn from a lady who shared a hospital room with my mother in Massachusetts in 1967 at a woman's hospital. The lady was Portuguese... truth be told NO one knows the true meaning of the name Taryn... but it is pretty and I get a LOT of people who say they love it. One of my dentist's named his daughter Taryn.
― Anonymous User  11/18/2016
My name is spelled Taryne, & pronounced like Karen. Although no one can seem to pronounce it correctly, I love it. All of the name-hating trolls can have their own names all to themselves. Yet, it takes all kinds, right?
Tvan427  3/22/2017
To the people who think the name Taryn is a dreadful name, those are your thoughts and please keep them to yourself. My name is Taryn and while there are other meanings of the name my mother told me that she and my father picked my name because of the Scot-Galic meaning tender. My name also reminds me of my past and the strong and brave people who are part of my ancestry who may have carried the name themselves.
hatchet10  4/11/2018

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