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I have a male student and his name is Tasnim and his sister is Tasmim. He goes by Tas (pronounced Taz like the cartoon character).
melpy  3/23/2009
My name is Tasmin, which is close to this. My family often calls me Taz, although friends spell it Tas most of the time. :)
― Anonymous User  10/23/2009
Can also be spelled Tasneem. I know a Syrian girl with this name and that's how she spells it. I think it's a very lovely sounding name and Taz is a cute nickname for it.
Arieanne  1/3/2010
The meaning is nice, but I don't really like the name itself.
Joy12  5/3/2011
"A spring in paradise"... certainly comes across as more than slightly pretentious. The name itself is fairly charming, on the other hand. I admit that I associate it in my mind with a Tasmanian Devil, hah.

Regrettably, it is unusable in the United States for fear it will appear "kre8tib." If you are of the name's ethnic origin and possess an appropriate surname, there may be a chance.
Francesca  5/27/2011
It is pronounced Tass-neem. I've also seen it spelled Tasneem. It's a pretty name.
Nikki1987  12/19/2015
This name is so pretty! Definitely one of my favourite Arabic names because of the meaning and the pronunciation.
thezenithofnadir  5/22/2017

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