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Also spelled "Taoufiq" by a Moroccan man I met.
Zinha  9/2/2006
In the states I met a Lebanese-American man named Tuf. It must have been a shortening of this name.
Zinha  9/2/2006
Also spelled "Toufik".
Lee Augustus  12/17/2013
The most common anglicization of this name is "Toufik". It is pronounced differently around the Arab world. In the gulf states, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, they pronounce it "tawh-fihq", however in the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine), Egypt, and Algeria/Morocco, it is pronounced too-feek".
Ali Hassan  6/28/2014
Toufik Benedictus Hinn, known as "Benny Hinn", an an American televangelist and con-man.
Ali Hassan  6/28/2014
The Turkish form of this name is Tevfik.
Shibbeh  10/7/2014

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