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Saying it makes it sound like 'trendy'.
DidiGiraffe  6/15/2011
The main Russian form of Terentius (Terence) is Terentiy (Терентий). The spellings Terenti (Терентий) and Terenty (Терентий) are variant transcriptions of Terentiy.

Just compare in the main database, for example, Arkadiy, Arkadi and Arkady... or Evgeniy, Evgeni and Evgeny... and similar names. The form ending in -iy is always the main form there. [noted -ed]
Lucille  2/13/2013
Terenti is also the Georgian form of Terentius (see Terence).

In Georgian, Terenti is written as: ტერენტი. [noted -ed]

A known bearer of this name was the Georgian poet Terenti Graneli (1897-1934).
Lucille  5/14/2013

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