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Dutch pronunciation is TOY-nis (the EU is a sound between OY and AY). [noted -ed]
X-Mar  3/4/2006
This is my dad's name, he goes by Teus.
renee06  2/16/2008
Teunis was my great-grandfather's middle name and I'd love to use it, but I don't really think it's practical in a completely English-speaking context. He would probably agree, since he Anglicized it to the unrelated Dennis before he passed it on to his own son.
fallencaryatid  4/5/2009
I'd like to suggest that the definition for this name, and also Theunis, Ton and Teun, be changed from "diminutive" to "short form". Dutch diminutive names usually end in -je, therefore a diminutive of Antonius would be Teuntje (which actually exists and is also used as a girls name). All the others are merely shortened names derived from Antonius. [noted -ed]
renee06  6/29/2013
Too much like 'tuna' /:

Not dissing the Dutch language or heritage or names because I'm Dutch myself. The name just isn't the best.
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/11/2014

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