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There's evidence to suggest Teuta - the Illyrian Queen - was also a pirate with her own ships and crew. Apparently gave the Romans much strife.
somethingorother  5/31/2006
Also Tefta is the other name for Teuta in the Illyrian language.
bidof  2/27/2007
Teuta (Greek: Τεύτα; ruled 230–228 BC) was an Illyrian queen of the Ardiaean Kingdom.
albatros  8/16/2011
The way to pronounce this name is Teh-oota. The English way is Toota. I am an Albanian and I know.
teuta  3/28/2016
Now, Teuta was a queen in about the 221st century BC, and she was no pirate, all she was was a manageable, responsible Albanian queen and fighter. She fought against the Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and the Italians. Her husband was Agron of Illyria.
teuta  3/28/2016

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