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This name... sounds like teutonic! =D
Schizofrenic  1/20/2011
This name is NOT Old Celtic. It was made up in the 21st Century for a fictional Celtic character and is linguistically incorrect. A) Teuto- is not attested in Celtic, only in Latin as an early rendering of Germanic Theuda-. The common Gallic form is Touto-, and Old Irish tūath. B) the Celtic form of Germanic riks (Gothic reiks), is rigs, commonly written rix, not rigos. C) Early Welsh rulers were former Roman officers (but probably not ethnically Roman) or Romanised Britons, and their names were first recorded in a Latin form used for monuments and official records into the 8th C., not the much later Middle Welsh forms used for them today. So when the Latin name of the Welsh king Tewdrig (the Middle Welsh version of his name) is Theodoricus, the Latin version of a famous Gothic name, one should NOT assume a Celtic Teutorigos (or a more accurate Toutorix) as the base. Germanic soldiers and commanders were common at all levels of the Roman army by the 4th century, from Saxon legionaries to Frankish, Vandal and Gothic commanders in chief. That a early post-Roman ruler in Wales had a German name should not be surprising, and Theodoric is not alone - Gundleus (Middle Welsh Gwynỻyw — ỻ or ll from earlier tl), ruling part of Southern Wales shortly after the withdrawal of "Imperial" Roman authority, bears a Germanic name recorded elsewhere as Cuntileo (an Italo-gallic adaptation of Germanic *Gundlewo).
thegriffon  11/29/2017

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