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This name is pronounced like, "Ta-wn" like "Tawny" but with no Y. The H is silent.
Chuey  1/11/2011
The name Thanh in Vietnamese also means "complete" or "finished".
Chuey  1/11/2011
I am Vietnamese and my middle name is Thanh. I was told by my parents that in their village the name was always given as one of responsibility. So, it means like a family man or a man of great responsibility.
― Anonymous User  1/11/2011
My husband's middle name is Thanh. This name carries a lot of good will with it. Very classic and masculine. A name of responsibility.
KristinaX  12/30/2011
Phương Thanh (Bùi Thị Phương Thanh), is a Vietnamese contemporary singer. She is one of the most renowned singers from Vietnam. Thanh is known for her diverse styles, especially when performing on stage. She also possesses a unique, unusual singing voice, gaining her recognition throughout the Vietnamese community as well as the music business.
lilolaf  3/31/2017
7 baby boys born in the USA (2015) were given Thanh.
lilolaf  3/31/2017

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