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Lebanese version of the name: TAKLA.
takla  11/2/2005
Interesting name. Not sure I'd actually use this spelling. How would anglophones actually say this? Thek-lah? tek-lah? teek-lah? theek-lah? I like teek-lah, but the others aren't very lyrical to me.
leananshae  2/29/2008
In Greek the name is pronounced "TEH-klah" ("TAY-kla" is close to the actual pronunciation).
LoQuiero  4/5/2008
I have a great-great aunt with this name (although I'm not positive this is how she spelled it) and everyone in the family pronounces it "TEHK-la". Then again they're from Wisconsin so who knows!
cedesm  4/23/2008
This name is very unusual - I find the the k part offputting.
amazingtabby  7/10/2011
I agree with the comment above. The K definitely seems out of place, and it is somewhat hard to pronounce. Thella looks a lot better and is way easier to pronounce. Just an idea...
lilpimpteller  11/9/2015
My name is Tekla, the Swedish variation of Thekla. Other variations include:

-Thècle: French.
-Tegla: Welsh.
SimoneKadele  3/17/2015
In Greek, Θ (theta) is pronounced with the "thhhh" sound (as in Thanks). Therefore, this name is traditionally pronounced THEHK-lah.
kaykay_  3/30/2016

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