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There's a so beautiful quote about 'mua thu' - 'the autumm'

''Mắt em hay là chút thu ba trên mặt hồ gió thoảng
Để lòng anh bão tố giữa trời quang''
tmtu83  4/12/2006
This name is a good name. It also tells about our wonder and warmth autumn.
tunguyen210  5/23/2008
One famous bearer is actress Anh Thu Nguyen Thi, born 19th May 1992 in Prague.
Emilie007  6/22/2008
Vietnamese model Thu Trang Dao Pham, born in Czech maternal hospital.
MaggieSimpson  3/5/2009
6 baby girls born in the USA (2015) were given Thu.
lilolaf  3/8/2017
Tào Thế Lệ Thu, stage name Hồ Lệ Thu is a female pop singer from northern Vietnam. Hồ Lệ Thu was born in Hà Nội, Vietnam. She started to exhibit her ambition for singing at a very early age, and when she was 10 years old, she attended the Labor Theatre House, a Vietnamese children's singing club. Many other Vietnamese singing artists, including Như Quỳnh and Phương Thanh, also attended this club.
lilolaf  3/31/2017

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