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The oldest reference I have been able to find anywhere is the use of "Tia" by Alexander Key as one of the two main characters in his 1968 novel Escape to Witch Mountain, which was made into a passable movie by Disney in 1975. Now, I read in an interview with Key sometime in the early 1970’s that he simply made up the name out of whole cloth, without any Earthly genesis at all, because the whole point was that he wanted an alien name (the two children in the novel are not human, they are extra-terrestrials with psionic powers, marooned on Earth as infants and unaware of their heritage). This puts the name "Tia" (as far as I am aware) in a totally different category than, for example my birth name of Barbara. I was personally so impressed with the eldritch and otherworldly nature of the name "Tia" that I chose it for my professional name before I was out of my teens. My career may not have amounted to much, but for the first ten years I used it, I was the only one! I note from your web site that the name was virtually unheard of in the U.S. until the 1970’s... perhaps this is why... nobody used it until Key made it up!
-- tiaparker  1/30/2005
Though I am sure that Alexander Key invented the name independently for _Escape to Witch Mountain_, Tia was already in regular use in 1957, so there were earlier derivations of the name than his character.
-- clevelandkentevans  9/22/2005
I began using the name Tia professionally in my music career as a short form of my name Tania, especially because nobody could pronounce or spell my name correctly, and I was told that technically my name could also be Tatiana, so I took it from there. Now I don't have problems with mispronunciation or spelling!
-- basschickgoddess  4/25/2005
I named my daughter Tia after my friend who's name is Tia and she was born in 1947. She was given the name Tia as a nickname for Patricia, her grandmother who was of Celtic origin. I did some research on the name Tia and read that it is of Greek, Egyptian and Hebrew origin. Yes, it also a Spanish language meaning for Aunt, albeit is of Greek, Egyptian and Hebrew origin.

The Egyptian origin sites say King Ramses sister was named Tia and the name means princess.

The Hebrew origin reads that Tia was a nickname for the name Tamara who was the daughter-in-law of Judah. Tia was also a nickname for Tamar who was the daughter of David.

From the Greek origin Tia means Goddess or Godly. Tia was an abbreviation for names like Althea and Dorothea. The Mythological Thea was the Greek Goddess of Light, Mother of the Sun, Moon and Dawn. Therefore, the name Tia dates back to ancient times.
-- terisears  9/25/2005
Tia Mowry is the name of one of the twins from the Disney Channel.
-- Anonymous User  10/15/2005
I was surprised to see this name used in the novel "Wide Sargasso Sea," written by Jean Rhys. The novel is set in the late 18th/early 19th century.
-- sarahj  11/27/2005
My given name is Tia. I hated it until I finally grew up. My mother was influenced by the movie, "Escape to Witch Mountain." The worst thing about it is the nickname T-T-T-Tia.
-- Anonymous User  1/2/2006
Tia is also ancient Egyptian and means "princess".
-- Missy  3/6/2006
I saw a girl named Tia Lauren and thought that it sounded pretty.
-- Anonymous User  7/14/2006
My name is Tia (Short for Titania) but my brother was almost named Ramses so it would've been really ironic and funny if he had because ancient Ramses' sister's name was Tia, which means Princess. And I kind of like the nickname, "Ta-ta-ta-Tia!" :)
-- ace_vixen  1/29/2007
I think this name is quite pretty. It reminds me of someone who is smart yet beautiful.
-- ellahcooper2495  2/10/2007
No offense to anyone, but I don't really like this name because it makes me think of Cha Cha Chia! I wouldn't want a name that reminds me of a plant where you can grow hair on Homer Simpson.
-- flipflops5  3/3/2007
Also used as a feminine name in Slovenia.
-- earthnut  7/3/2007
It is NOT a Slovene name. It's only a modern name used beacuse parents want to be fancy by using foreign names.
-- Anonymous User  12/14/2007
Tia could be short for Tiara or Tiana.
-- Anonymous User  7/11/2007
Tia Carrere is a gorgeous actress.
-- Anonymous User  10/27/2007
This name is SO UGLY. Not only does it mean 'aunt' in Spanish, which makes it ridiculous, but it's short and cheap sounding. Awful.
-- Anonymous User  11/20/2007
My name is Tia and I was born in 1961. As another poster said, I too hated my name until I grew older. Now I love it because it is different. My middle name is Renee and several years ago I found out that there is another Tia Renee who lives in Ohio. As the years go by I hear of more and more people with the name Tia, although I personally have never met a Tia who was older than me. As far as the anonymous poster who said Tia is a cheap and ugly name, you sound like sour grapes. All I can say is haters gonna hate. I bet your name is Jane or something simple.
-- TiaRenee  7/10/2013
In the Pirates of the Carribean films, there's a character named Tia Dalma. I believe that the Tia in her name does refer to its meaning as "aunt".
-- Pippin  4/15/2008
I think that this is a gorgeous name for somebody petite or small. It also works if you have a long unpronounceable surname such as 'Clipplehoff', 'Windclopple' or similar.
-- sweetkit  7/3/2008
Tia is a Greek name meaning 'Princess'. Derivatives: Tiana, Tianna

It is also a Japanese name derived from the word Tenshi, meaning 'Angel'.
-- Yunimori  8/28/2008
TIA is an acronym which stands for Thanks In Advance. Otherwise this name is not my style at all.
-- Anonymous User  10/25/2008
-- Anonymous User  11/11/2009
I know a girl named Christina but everyone calls her Tia.
-- Anonymous User  7/10/2010
This was my nickname in high school. I really like it, and people always told me that I looked like Tia from Sister, Sister, lol.
-- UniqueNameLover  10/6/2011
I used to think this name was ok until I realised it sounds the exact same as the word 'tear' like you are crying... It's a shame because it's pretty.
-- Marisa500  3/29/2012
My first name. Used to despise it because everyone defaulted towards telling me my name means "aunt" in Spanish. Like I don't know that living in texas. For some reason, this ruined it for me. Even when I fired back that it actually means "Godess", it constantly degraded my feelings towards my name. Now I go by my middle name, but family and really close friends still use Tia, rather than my much longer middle name.
It's nice to compartmentalize my life like that in a way. And It's almost like I keep my truly 'god-like' nature hidden until I deem someone ready to see it.
-- stravi  4/14/2013
Good grief. I stumbled upon this mistakenly, though read on throughout the comments about the name Tia through interest and then registered myself. I like the name Tia. I also think that the meaning of it being Aunt in Spanish is beautiful. Especially if the Tia is an Aunt one day. Some people have put horrible comments on here. I don't see why. If you don't like the name, why look for it? Am having a little smile at Tia Maria, the drink. But I like that too. X.
-- kate1978  5/2/2014
I think the name Tia is beautiful. I know a very nice girl who is from Cyprus with this as her first name. Not very common, but I like it.
-- Jazzie2906  8/14/2014
I think this name is stunning, elegant, gorgeous and cute! ^^ It's so cool that there was an Ancient Egyptian princess who had this name!
-- LoveHeartKawaii  9/23/2014
There is nothing wrong with the name Tia. I only can't stop thinking about the fact that it is the abbreviation of Transient Ischemic Attack (a kind of mini stroke).
-- Kaat5  3/15/2015

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