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This is also a Cherokee name, sometimes considered a Cherokee variant of Diana. It has also been purpurted to mean Beautiful Soul or something similar in Cherokee (the pronunciation is different, usually TI-AW-NA).
tupeupe  5/27/2005
I named my daughter Tiana as a short form of Gratiana, which I found in a baby book, derived from Italian for "thankful" or "grace".
― Anonymous User  7/20/2005
Tiana has origins in Greek, meaning "princess".
― Anonymous User  9/3/2005
I don't believe that "anonymous user" is correct about Tiana being Greek for "princess."

It is true, of course, that Tiana could be short for other names besides Christiana. In addition to Gratiana, there is also Tatiana. Tiana is indeed also the Cherokee form of Diana, but I'd be cautious about accepting the other "purported" Cherokee derivation without further evidence.
clevelandkentevans  9/22/2005
Actually the Greek meaning for Tia is princess, and the Greek meaning for Tiana is highest beauty!
jrae5387  1/9/2006
Tiana has multiple different pronunciations. The three that I am aware of are:
Tea -aw -na,
Tea- anna
Tie -anna.
Princess Chey  4/25/2006
It reminds me of "Tiara" but on the whole is a very lovely name!
― Anonymous User  10/8/2006
Tiana is the name of the first black princess Disney has ever made. Her movie is coming out in about a year or two (I think).
bibi66  6/24/2007
Also used in Slovenia, but slightly less popular than Tijana.
earthnut  7/3/2007
It strikes me as a bit of a borderline trashy name. I see this name on superficial, ditzy girls.
slight night shiver  5/10/2008
I named my daughter after my mother whose name was Tia but I thought it important that she have her own name and identity so Tiana was perfect. I've only heard the name a few times and only after she was born did I notice. To me this name is beauty, a sense of love and strength.
Nicole9425  2/20/2009
Teyona Anderson, ANTM Cyle 12 winner. Her name is pronounced TEE-yawn-NA.
mattaliano  1/14/2010
The name of Disney's first black princess. I took my nieces to see this movie, and I was extremely impressed with her. She is strong, smart, extremely hard-working, and willing and able to stand up for herself and the people she loves. I read somewhere that she was originally going to be named Maddy, and I'm so glad they went with Tiana instead, it's so much prettier and suits her much better! Tiana is voiced by the wonderful Anika Noni Rose.
britto08  1/15/2010
Since the Disney movie came out, this name is already so popular that it has brought forth a range of variant spellings.
keepitreal  1/8/2011
Tiana is also the Maori version of "Diana". It's a transliteration from the original English into Maori (like many Maori names such as Hemi for James)... or so my Maori father told me when he called me Tiana!
tiana q  10/4/2011
Cheap, tacky, and bogan (as we say in Australia). There was a baby Tiana in the park today along with a pretentious obnoxious mother.
― Anonymous User  4/6/2014
My name is Tionna (Tee-AW-Nah), and whenever I tell people my name, it always seems to ellicit either a compliment on how pretty my name is or they want to call me Tatiana! I thinks it's poetic either way!
tbaby  5/14/2014
My family named me Tiana, because they are Latino and originally wanted to name me Tia, but Tia is Spanish for aunt. They figured this was more distinctive. When I was a kid, I was the only Tiana in my class, and there were always like five Ashleys. I've really gotten nothing but compliments on my name, and do not understand why it gives people an impression of trashiness.
― Anonymous User  7/5/2014
I absolutely ADORE the name Tiana! It's beautiful, unique and SWEET! Also, I love Princess Tiana in The Princess and the Frog! P.S. This name SURE AIN'T trashy!
― Anonymous User  11/7/2014
I was #5 of "T" names in my family. My parents were at a loss as to what to name me. As my due date came closer, friends of my parents went to Hawaii. It was there that they came across the name/spelling of "Tiana" pronounced Tee-ah-nah. They were told it was a Hawaiian name with a meaning of "beautiful flower." I have also heard that in Greek it means princess. Up until the release of the movie, "Princess and the Frog," I had rarely heard of anyone else named Tiana. Since the release of the movie, I can now go to Disneyland and find my name on all the souvenirs! :D.
― Anonymous User  5/4/2015
My name is Tiana and growing up my dad told me I was named after a Cherokee princess named Tiana and that it meant "beautiful flower". After doing some research, I found that tobacco plants are a species of "nicotiana" plants. Nicotiana plants are often used as ornamental decoration thus "beautiful flower". I believe this may be the root of the Cherokee version of Tiana and meaning.
ts12488  8/24/2015
Sounds like a ghetto name. Tiana's probably got long nails and a weave.
TyrannosaurusRegina  12/25/2015
I was born in the mid 90's and have rarely come across this name. I have found it is starting to become more popular however.
My parents chose to spell it "Tiannah" which I love. Like others have mentioned, I get complimented on how pretty the name is. I was thrilled to have Disney release the Princess and the Frog. Never would I have imagined that I'd share my name with a Disney Princess.
neonlightedstreets  3/2/2016
When I was a kid I wanted so badly to change my name because it was so different. Now that I'm older, I have come to like it. Everyone tells me that it suits me. I have a quiet introspective side that can take life very seriously (good thing as I have been through cancer 4 times in the past twenty years) and can be almost childlike the next (again to keep sanity through bad times). I'm not elegant enough to be a Diana nor am I athletic enough to be a Terra. Tiana seems to suit my tom-boyish nature - or so people tell me.

My parents were expecting a boy and they were surprised when I arrived as a girl so Mom had to think quickly and I was named after my older cousin who spent much time with my mother during this difficult pregnancy - she took the letters of her name and came up with mine - A N I T A.

Tiana Joy

The Joy part I could still do without (Mom said she was happy that I arrived safely after 4 miscarriages before me; therefore Joy) but I am a proud bearer of Tiana. - In spite of my tom-boy nature being mortified at having a Princess share my name, lol. Nothing against Disney or their names at all... my girl, if I could have had children, would likely have been Kiara or Aurora.
mynameisTiana  4/17/2016
This is my little sister's name, pronounced T-Anna. And I think it's quite strange but she's lucky to have the same name as a Disney princess.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2016
My name is Serbian, originally written Tijana, which I spell Tiyana since I moved to Sydney, so English speaking people would pronounce it correctly. In Serbian it means "quiet".

My mother gave me this name after a 19th century Serbian writer's romantic story "Unfaithful Tiyana" (in Serbian "Neverna Tijana"), about a young, beautiful Serbian lady aristocrat from the end of 14th century. Her father and three brothers were killed in the battle on Kosovo field by invading Turks (who since then ruled Serbia for 500 years). Then a young, handsome Turkish warrior took over her lands and married her. She did not have any choice, but was considered unfaithful by her own people because she fell in love with him, in spite of the possibility that he might have even killed her father and/or brothers. But she lived up to her own love of an otherwise good and loving man. Like her, I always identified with living up to one's own emotional intelligence, which is therefore in my mind strongly connected with my name.

The Serbian adjective out of which my name is derived figures in Serbian saying, "Tija voda breg roni", meaning "Quiet water erodes the mountain." I identify with that quiet yet powerful water, since I am very persistent if I engage in a worthwhile cause, no matter what mountains or obstacles there might be on the way. I apply it (am an integral natural energy healer and complementary therapist) to healing my own and other people's mind, body and spirit from any deep seated, subconscious obstacles or blockages to our true, wholesome well being.

I was highly impressed when I learned that in NZ Maori (and on other Pacific islands) Ti-ana, pronounced like my name, means "cave with running water"!

I lived and traveled on five continents, and people everywhere always said they found my name very beautiful. I do too. A few newborn girls have got the same name because their family learned of mine and loved it.

Thank you very much to all who made this website, and those who contributed interesting and beautiful comments about the names sounding like mine. I am delighted that I read all your comments as I searched (as a gift to myself for my birthday) for the meaning of Maori Ti-ana in addition to what I wrote above. So I learned and like the Greek and Cherokee meanings - and identify with those too, since they are lovely, and also because I had past lives in ancient Greece and as an American Indian medicine woman. I did not know about Disney's film, but so identify with the Black Princes and her story with the frog - it sums up my own story in that respect.
Tiyana  12/20/2016
Wikipedia says: Tijana is a Serbian (South Slavic) female name, also popular in Macedonia. Tijana is the definition of perfect. It also means princess, peaceful and graceful.
Tiyana  12/20/2016
On 'submitted names' page it says:
Derived from Malagasy Tiana "to be loved; to be liked"; and
Catalan Diminutive of Sebastiana.
Tiyana  12/20/2016
I was watching TV in 1974 and saw an Asian lady with the name Tiana, pronunciation was Ti un ah which sounded beautiful. All my children's names were very long names and they complained when they were asked to write their names in school. Therefore when my daughter became pregnant, I suggested that if she had a girl to simply name her Tiana. She agreed and most people said that it was very pretty and had not heard it before. My granddaughter is now 40 years old. Of course, people in our city began to name their daughters Tiana. The name Pacatiana is the name of a city in Asia Minor, but the pronunciation is pa_ca_she _a'_nah in the Greek. However, it is a beautiful name and my granddaughter wears it well because she is beautiful inside out.
― Anonymous User  5/7/2017
My name is Serbian, originally spelt Tijana, in English pronounced Tiyana. It is a variation of the old Serbian name Tihana, from the feminine adjective 'tiha' or 'tija' (pronounced 'tiya'), which means quiet, soft (as in sound), noiseless. (This Serbian name has nothing to do with Russian name Tatjana or its diminutive, Tanja.)
― Anonymous User  12/27/2017

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