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This is a neat sounding name.
― Anonymous User  5/27/2006
This name is new to me, but I really like it!
Mommy2B  5/28/2006
I know a girl named Tiernan.
― Anonymous User  9/14/2006
I prefer 'Tiarnán', seeing as it's my name.
tiarnantman  6/7/2007
A name taken from a surname meaning "son of the lordling" (little lord).

I'm not sure that I like using names like "lord", "lady", "prince", or "princess" and the like as names. I associate it with prostitutes or porn stars using these words as stage names and aliases; it gives these formal titles a feeling of irony.

I speak Gaelic and the trend of using Gaelic surnames (or corruptions of them and even invented ones) as given names seems disrespectful in some way; for me it's belittling a culture and language when one tries to identify one's self and make one's self "unique" by taking bits and pieces without caring to study the history of the language, essentially selling out the whole thing.

They might as well come up with the feminine equal, Bentiernok (from my on-the-spot invention "Bantiarnóg", meaning "ladyling").
gaelruadh19  7/9/2007
I love this name, because it's my amazing brother's name. He is a truly great brother and he reflects the name so much. The only drawback to this name is the fact nobody can pronounce it and they have to use the nickname "T".
slapshort58  1/7/2011
How is this name not popular?! It seems that it fits in beautifully with both the Irish boy name trend and the -EN/ -AN trend! I guess that is a good thing so I can still use it ;) Love this name.
willarose93  7/31/2011
The name Tiernan dates back to at least 1172. It is not a modern corruption intended to insult people with Gaelic heritage as the poster above seems to feel. I have a Gaelic heritage and I don't feel that people are insulting the culture by using Gaelic names. Names cross cultural boundaries regularly, even more so these days. An example of this can be found in names that are currently popular in Ireland. Many are not traditionally Irish names. They come from other cultures.

I personally like Tiernan. I think it's a strong name.
Zimger  9/2/2012
Boublil and Schönberg's musical The Pirate Queen features an Irish pirate by the name of Tiernan as the main character's love interest.
Sharley  5/15/2015
Didn't know this name existed until I met a girl with this name. It's pretty hard to say if you don't know it... And I couldn't imagine how on earth it would be spelled before I saw it. Tear-nin? Teer-nyn? Tyr-nine? Makes me think of tears... Unique nonetheless.
lilpimpteller  12/19/2015
The name Tiernan was given to 46 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/22/2016
Pronouncing (and spelling) Tiernan is easy. Just think Tier (as in tiers of a wedding cake) and nan (as in Indian flatbread).
Tiernans dad  1/23/2018

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