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Actress Tilda Swinton is a famous bearer.
Elphi  12/22/2005
This is an old nickname of mine (I'm named Matilda), and I think it's a really beautiful name. All you Tildas out there: You're lucky!
DoffeT  9/2/2007
This is very common in Sweden. I don't know when it entered the top 100, but I know it peaked at #19 in 2002. It was the 54th most popular name in 2009.
Beautiful Victory  3/15/2010
I like this name. It sounds modern, and yet traditional.
linden-tree-murmur  9/8/2014
In Peter Jackson's Hobbit Film Trilogy, Tilda is the youngest child of Bard the Bowman. She is portrayed by Mary Nesbitt.
Feorsteorra  8/4/2015
I rate it 4/10. I dislike it, not a specific reason. I prefer Maud or Tilly.
Felie  3/30/2018

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