Names Related to Timo

Names that are related to TIMO (1):
TIM   m   English, German, Dutch, Slovene, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
TIMMY   m   English
TIMO (1)   m   Finnish, German, Dutch
TIMOFEI   m   Russian
TIMOFEY   m   Russian
TIMOTEI   m   Bulgarian, Romanian
TIMOTEJ   m   Slovene, Macedonian, Slovak
TIMOTEO   m   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
TIMOTEUS   m   Ancient Greek (Latinized)
TIMOTHA   f   English (Rare)
TIMOTHEA   f   Ancient Greek, Greek
TIMOTHÉE   m   French
TIMOTHEI   m   Old Church Slavic
TIMOTHEOS   m   Ancient Greek, Biblical Greek
TIMOTHEUS   m   Biblical Latin, German, Dutch
TIMOTHY   m   English, Biblical
TIMOTI   m   Maori
TYMOTEUSZ   m   Polish